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This kit has tools for both Tru64 UNIX and Linux systems and uses the RPM for installation of all packages except RPM itself, which is in the setld format.

A multiplatform office productivity suite, including a word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation manager, and drawing program. This suite can import and export Microsoft Office file formats.


Early Adopter Kit (EAK) versions of both the GNOME V1.4 (including developers platform and GNOME office) and KDE V3.0.1 (including all the internationalization components, libraries, utilities, Koffice, and others.) desktops on this kit. These components, which install in the /usr/local directory, are built using Compaq compilers, thus resulting in enhanced performance. Users can make simple modifications to their own Xsession startup files to use either GNOME or KDE as their own default desktop. All of the Tru64 UNIX system management applications, (for example, SysMan Station) and most CDE applications can be launched from either GNOME or KDE desktops.

Desktop Manager

The Desktop Manager is a TCL/TK program that makes it easier for the end user to pick which desktop he/she would like to use. After the normal authentication process the desktop manger brings up a listbox which gives you the choice of loading Gnome, KDE, or CDE.

Red Hat GNUPro software development tools

Updated Red Hat GNUPro software development tools support Tru64 UNIX V5.1 and higher including

  • GCC, GNU C compiler
  • G++, GNU C++ compiler
  • BINUTILS, GNU binary utilities
  • GDB, GNU debugger
  • LIBSTDC++, GNU C++ standard library compiler

Binary emulation package

Rehosting applications for which the source is not readily available is supported via an EAK Linux Alpha to Tru64 UNIX binary emulation package, lxt64. This utility allows users to take applications that are built with shared objects on Linux and run them directly on a Tru64 UNIX system.

Code Forge IDE

A trial-use version of Code Forge, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that supports Tru64 UNIX as well as Linux on AlphaServer and ProLiant systems, is included with the toolkit. This is a complete IDE that provides project management software and complete edit/compile/debug support for developers using a wide variety of programming languages and compilers including Compaq C and C++. Code Forge for Tru64 UNIX and Linux Alpha is built using Compaq C compilers. For Linux Intel systems it is built using gcc.

Solaris compatibility libraries

Rounding out the toolkit is a set of Solaris Compatibility Libraries (SCL) for Tru64 UNIX and Linux Alpha. The Solaris Compatibility Libraries allow applications using proprietary Solaris APIs to be more easily ported to Tru64 UNIX and Linux Alpha systems. Many applications written for Solaris use proprietary functions that can make porting to other UNIX operating systems difficult. Compaq has eased the migration of such applications to Tru64 UNIX and Linux Alpha by providing libraries that implement many of the Solaris APIs. This enables application source code to be ported with few or no changes and eliminates the need to write individual implementations of the Solaris functionality. The functions provided fall into three categories:

  • Solaris Threads: an implementation of Solaris thread functions layered upon POSIX threads
  • Solaris Threads: an implementation of Remote Procedure Calls: a port of Sun's public domain ONC RPC v2.3 software
  • Miscellaneous: various library functions including asynchronous I/O, large file support, wide character, and signal name functions

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