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» Insight Management Agents version 3.7 new! (Only for Tru64 UNIX v5.1A and above)
» Insight Management Agents version 3.6
Tru64 UNIX provides web-based management capabilities through the integration of the HP Insight Management Agents. With the Management Agents for Tru64 UNIX, you can view your AlphaServer hardware configuration and monitor the state of the system. Hundreds of system parameters and hardware attributes are provided, including
  • System Management Homepage
  • System Information
  • CPU Configuration
  • Memory Configuration
  • I/O Configuration
  • CPU Utilization
  • File System Utilization
  • File System Thresholds
  • Disk I/O Rates
  • NFS Statistics
  • Process Thresholds
  • IDE Controller Info
  • SCSI Controller Info
  • Intelligent Drive Array Controller Info
  • Fibre Channel Controller Info
  • Storage Device Statistics
  • NIC Controller Info
  • Network Device Statistics
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Power On Messages


Administrators can easily and securely access the Tru64 UNIX System Management Home Page, SysMan Menu, SysMan Station, and the SysCheck Configuration reports from any browser using the enhanced Insight Management dedicated 2381 SSL enabled HTTP port.

Product description
» What's new

Product specification of the latest and prior releases of the Insight Management agents for Tru64 UNIX

» Product architecture

Description of the Insight Management agents architecture and its components.

» Known and fixed problems

General notes, known problems and what was fixed in the latest release

» Software updates

Patches to correct critical problems or support new hardware options

Product availability

The Management Agents for Tru64 UNIX are included with Tru64 UNIX V4.0F or later. The agents are configured and enabled by default when installing the Operating System. More frequent updates of the agents can be downloaded from this product web site.

General information
The Insight Management Agents for Tru64 UNIX downloaded from this web site do not replace the agents that were installed with the base Operating System. When installed, the agents startup scripts on the system, are modified to point to the location of the new agents. Deleting the new agents restores the original version that was installed with the base Operating System.

System requirements
The Insight Management Agents for Tru64 UNIX can be installed on any release of the operating system starting with version 4.0F.

All Insight Management Agents require the availability of the Basic Networking Services (OSFCLINETxxx), and the Netscape Browser (OSFNETSCAPExxx) on Tru64 UNIX. where (xxx) is the subset identification specific to the Tru64 UNX release.

The GS Platform Discovery HMMO runs only on AlphaServer GS80, GS160, and GS320 models.

Minimal requirements for client browsers
Microsoft NT4.0 with SP6, and Windows 2000 with SP2
Internet Explorer V5.01 with SP2, V5.05 and  V6.0 above.
Netscape Navigator Version 4.73 and V6.0 - Navigator requires the JDK 1.1 patch.
HP Tru64 UNIX V4.0F and later
Netscape Communicator 4.5 or later. (this browser includes support for JDK 1.1
Consult the reference guide for browser requirements on Novell, SCO Unixware, and Linux