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CPQIM350.SMH.01 - Patch for HP Insight Management Agents for Tru64 UNIX 

 This page provides installation information and release notes for the patch kit.
Patch Kit Information and Installation Notes
PatchID: CPQIM350.SMH.01
New Kit Date: 25-Jan-2006
Modification Date:  Not Applicable
Modification Type:  NEW KIT

PRODUCT:  HP Insight Management Agents for Tru64 UNIX
SOURCE:     Hewlett-Packard Company

A shell script-based, compressed tar Patch-kit for HP Insight Management Agents V3.5 on Tru64 UNIX (CPQIM350) that contains solution  to the following problem:

  • System Management Home Page ( SMH) does not display management information when SNMP community string is not “public".

The Patch-Kit Installation Instructions, Patch Summary and Release Notes sections provide patch kit installation and removal instructions and a summary of each patch. Please read these sections prior to installing patches on your system.


  • Install the patch components using the shell-script, "im_patch" that is included in this patch-kit.
  • By running the im_patch script without any option, the user can get to know the various command-line options supported by the im_patch.
  • Before installing the patch,  please close all browser windows opened to the Tru64 Insight Manager,  .


  1. Login as root into the system where the patch needs to be install
  2. mkdir -p /tmp/patchkit
  3. cd /tmp/patchkit
  4. copy the patch-kit CPQIM350.SMH01.tar.gz to  /tmp/patchkit
  5. gunzip CPQIM350.SMH.01.tar.gz
  6. tar -xvf CPQIM350.SMH.01.tar
  7. ./im_patch -i CPQIM350.SMH.01

You must have installed HP Tru64 Insight Management Agents base-kit CPQIM350, prior to installing this Patch-Kit. This patch kit is applicable to Tru64 UNIX version  5.1A  and 5.1B. Please close all the browser windows opened to Tru64 insight Management Agent pages.

Due to dependency with ELM libarary, the patch script will stop the HMMOs belonging to the CPQIM kit. Please stop other HMMOs that may be running on the system, like ACU-XE etc that do not belong to the Insight Manager kit but use the ELM library of the CPQIM kit. The patch script will identify the processes that need to be stopped and installation will not continue unless the other HMMOs are stopped.


Release Notes

1) This Patch Kit Distribution contains:

  • Webapp interface csginkgo with a fix to resolve the problem of not displaying the management information when SNMP community string is not “public”.
  • Updated SSL libraries ( V0.9.7e) for SMH.

The components in this kit are being released early for general customer use. Components in this kit are installed by running im_patch from the directory in which the kit was untarred.

2) Special Instructions: If this patch kit is being installed on a cluster, it is sufficient to do so on only one of the nodes. But in order for the patch to take effect on the other nodes, the agents have to be manually re-started by executing the following commands:

#/sbin/init.d/insightd stop
#/sbin/init.d/hpsmhd stop
#/sbin/init.d/hpsmhd start
#/sbin/init.d/insightd start

3) Summary of Insight Management patch components contained in this kit:

PatchId             Summary Of Fix

----------------    ------------------------------------------------------

CPQIM350.SMH.01  csginkgo has a fix to resolve the problem of not 
		 displaying the management information when SNMP
		 community string is not “public”. SSL library used
		 y SMH is updated to version 0.9.7


Copyright Hewlett-Packard Company 2006.  All Rights reserved