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 General notes
  • Tru64 Insight Management agents v3.7 is exclusively meant for Tru64 UNIX v5.1A and above. It does not carry files required for Tru64 UNIX v4.0F and v4.0G support. On Tru64 UNIX v4.0F and v4.0G, CPQIM360 with latest patch kits are to be used.
  • Due to a limited MIB definition, ATAPI IDE devices always display blue status.
    The cpqNIC MIB does not support Network Cards that are not configured in the system.
  • When installing V3.0 and above of the Management Agents, online help will be unavailable for the SysMan Station and any SysMan tool launched from the SysMan Station if those tools are launched in a context other than within the browser using the :2301 Insight Manager page.
 Known problems
  • Unix userid 79 and groupid 79, and unix user name "hpsmh" and group name "hpsmh", are not available for users, as it is reserved for HP System Management Homepage functionality.
  • System Management Homepage might fail to start if there are some semaphores held up by previous instance of System Management Homepage which was terminated abruptly.
  • Anonymous access feature, after being enabled, does not take effect until System Management Homepage is restarted.
  • On AlphaServer GS1280, ES47, and ES80 systems , the cpqHeTemperatureCelsius attribute is reported as 10 times the actual value.
  • System Board Web Page will not show CPU cache and Step Information for GS1280
  • If the community string(s) defined does not allow local SNMP requests, cpq_mibs will exit.
  • On some multiple processor systems, if the CPU with the highest CPU ID number is put off line, the cpq_mibs daemon may not respond to SNMP requests.
  • The cpq_mibs daemon may produce a core file during cluster installation.
  • Individual memory module information will only be shown on systems with Alpha System Configuration Tree V4.x and V6.x. Only total memory size will be shown with V5.x
  • Incorrect CPU utilization when CPU is Off or Indicted during agent initialization.
  • Multiple traps may be sent indefinitely if a disk becomes offline.
  • Overall status of the system may not correctly reflect the IDA and FCA statuses.

Consult the Known Problem section in the Reference Guide for more
explanation and work-arounds.

 Problems fixed - Insight Management Agents Version 3.6
  • No customer issues reported on CPQIM360 kit.
 Problems fixed - GS Platform Discovery Version 1.5
  • QAR 95761- Fixed the GS Platform Discovery HMMO (gshmmod) consuming many UDP sockets resulting in the failure of BIND client and nslookup (PTR:221-1-3945)(PTR:221-1-3956)(PTR:221-1-4002)