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Gathers and displays subsystem data

The Collect tool gathers and displays information for subsystems. You can set Collect to gather data for a single subsystem or any combination of the following:

  • process
  • memory
  • disk
  • tape
  • lsm
  • network
  • cpu
  • tty
  • filesystems
  • message queue

Collect has two modes: collection and playback. In collection mode, it gathers operating system and process data and writes it to standard output, to a binary file with a compressed format, or to both.

In playback mode, Collect reads from a previously written binary file and writes to standard output. The format of the data when written to standard output is identical, whether during real-time collection or playback mode.

With the Collect tool's live graphing feature, you can also view the data in real time.

New for version 5.1

These features further enhance Collect's low system impact. If you are running low on disk space, Collect will "sleep" until you recover. And, if you do suffer a crash, you will still have all the data from the most recent write interval.

  • Configure Collect to suspend and resume based on the amount of available free disk space.
  • Configure Collect to flush buffered data to disk at a user-defined interval.


For a more in-depth view of Collect's capabilities, including option descriptions and examples, view the product details.