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Collect is a tool that collects operating system and process data under HP Tru64 UNIX Versions 4.x and 5.x. Collect is designed for high reliability and low system-resource overhead.

Flexible, reliable, and lightweight

Users love Collect because it performs needed tasks reliably and with low impact on resources.

  • Collect is very lightweight, using less than 1% of CPU capacity if sampling is performed at 30-second or greater intervals.
  • Collect gathers as much data as possible at these intervals, and it can sample at sub-second rates if required. Some of our larger installations take advantage of this sub-second capability.
  • Collect is highly flexible.
    You can configure Collect to gather data from all subsystems or any combination of subsystems.
    You can run Collect in either interactive mode or historical mode.
    You can use Collect's tightly integrated associated tools, collgui and cfilt, to display graphs from either real-time or previously collected data.
  • Collect exports to Microsoft Excel.
    Using the cfilt and collgui associated tools, Collect's output can be exported for easy display in an Excel spreadsheet.

More information

For a more detailed description of what Collect can do for you, follow the features link.