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Q. What are the Solaris Compatibility Libraries?
A. SCL is a collection of shared libraries and C header files that can make the porting of applications from Solaris to Tru64 UNIX even easier

The libraries provide implementations of major APIs that are specific to Solaris and therefore not otherwise available on Tru64 UNIX.

The supplied libraries provide implementations of:
  • Solaris threads
  • Transport Independent ONC RPC
  • Miscellaneous functions

See the Overview and User Guide for further information

Q. Who would want to use Solaris Compatibility Libraries?
A. Application developers who are porting Solaris applications to Tru64 UNIX

Many Solaris applications may be using APIs that are specific to Solaris. Rather than change application source code, or write your own implementations of the Solaris APIs, SCL can be used to provide the functionality required
Q. How can I obtain SCL?
A. SCL is currently available by download from this web site. You will need to agree to the license terms and register your details in order to obtain the software.

In the future SCL may be packaged with other developer tools for Tru64 UNIX
Q. Who do I contact for support on SCL?
A. SCL is not a commercial product and is freely available via download. The source code for SCL version 1.1 is also available.

The software is supplied "as-is", although we welcome feedback on problems and will attempt to respond to any questions or problems encountered on a best-effort basis.

Please use the feedback page to send comments or describe problems, or send details directly to
Q. What versions of Tru64 UNIX can SCL be used with?
A. SCL version 1.1 has been tested on fresh installations of Tru64 UNIX versions 4.0D, 4.0F and 5.0. It has not been tested on patched versions of these releases.

We do not envisage problems occuring on patched systems, or on other versions following 4.0D, but please contact us if you encounter any
Q. The User Guide mentions that a kernel patch is required to solve a threads-related problem. Where can I get this?
A. An operating system patch may be required to overcome application hangs that may occur if applications make heavy use of thr_suspend() and thr_continue().

The patch is not generally available for affected versions of Tru64 UNIX, so please contact us for assistance if you experience the application hang problem.
Q. How can I get the source code for SCL?
A. SCL adopts the "open source" model. The source code for version 1.1 is provided as part of the installable kit, and can be optionally installed. The SCLSOURCE subset comprises a tar file containing the complete source code and development environment.

The source code tar file can also be separately downloaded. This is useful if you do not have a Tru64 UNIX system available on which to use the setld utility.