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HP C++ for Tru64 UNIX is the most standard-conforming C++ implementation in the industry and provides features to improve programmer productivity and application performance.

HP C++ is a native programming language product that runs under the Tru64 UNIX operating system on Alpha processors and generates highly optimized object code. In addition to ANSI/ISO C++ International Standard conformance, HP C++ supports the ARM, GNU, and MS dialects, and includes access to the C++ Standard Library and C++ Class Library.

For more detailed information, please read the Software Product Description (SPD) [pdf]

Using HP C++ [pdf] explains how to develop and debug HP C++ programs and provides information about Tru64 UNIX features and tools that work with the compiler. The cxx(1) reference page documents compiler options.

The manual dedicates a chapter to the C++ Standard Library. For details about the Standard Library, access the online Standard Library reference pages, or type man cxxstdlib_intro at the UNIX prompt. (To access the Class Library reference pages, type man cxxlib_intro.)

Two Standard Library components, locales and iostreams, are further described in the following documents:

Two Standard Library components, locales and iostreams, are further described in the following documents:

» Standard Library Locales
» Standard Library Stream Input/Output

Other C++ user documents are available in PostScript and text form in the /usr/share/doclib/cplusplus directory on your system.

For details about the Class Library packages supplied with this release, read the C++ Class Library Reference Manual [pdf].

The Release Notes [pdf] provide important information about new features, compatibility with previous versions, and known restrictions.

If you have any questions about your installation, please review the RBI Letter and Installation Guide [pdf].

For support information, please see the C++ support page.

To order HP C++ for Tru64 UNIX in the U.S. and Canada, call toll-free, 1-800-354-9000. To order in other countries, contact your local HP sales office.


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