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This release includes comprehensive documentation for the Version 6.5 compiler and Standard Library, which together offer a nearly complete implementation of the C++ International Standard.

For a full description of the Compaq C++ Version 6.5 product, see the Compaq C++ for Tru64 UNIX Software Product Description.

Using Compaq C++ explains how to develop and debug Compaq C++ programs and provides information about Tru64 UNIX features and tools that work with the compiler. The cxx(1) reference page documents compiler options.

The manual dedicates a chapter to the C++ Standard Library. To access the Standard Library reference pages, type man cxxstdlib_intro. (To access the Class Library reference pages, type man cxxlib_intro.)

Two Standard Library components, locales and iostreams, are further described in the following documents:

Standard Library Locales [PDF  |  PS]
Standard Library Stream Input/Output [PDF  |  PS]

NOTE: To view the PDF files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 3.0 or later, which you can download at any time.

Other C++ user documents are available in PostScript and text form in the /usr/share/doclib/cplusplus directory on your system.

The Release Notes provide important information about new features, compatibility with previous versions, and known restrictions.

If you have any questions about your installation, please review the Installation Guide.

For support information, please see the c++ support page.

To order the hardcopy documentation kit, call the number below and request item QA-MTRAA-GZ.6.5.


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