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DCE iconDistributed Computing Environment (DCE) is a widely accepted set of tools for developing and deploying multi-platform, secure, enterprise-wide distributed computing applications.

In June of 1999, Hewlett-Packard (formerly Compaq Computer Corporation) contracted with Entegrity Solutions® Corporation to take over responsibility for development, maintenance and support of DCE (including DFS) for Tru64 UNIX and Windows. As part of this agreement, HP also transferred the ownership of the DCE product set on these platforms to Entegrity®. Note that DCE on OpenVMS and DCE on HP NonStop Kernel are not part of the agreement with Entegrity.

Hewlett-Packard has now transferred the additional responsibility for sales to Entegrity. As of September 1, 2002, HP will no longer offer product licenses or support services for DCE/DFS for Tru64 UNIX. Customers who wish to purchase licenses, updates, or support services for DCE and DFS for Tru64 UNIX or SC AlphaServer systems are encouraged to contact Entegrity Solutions using the information provided below. To prevent interruption of service we recommend that this be done prior to the date your current support contract expires, or before December 31, 2003, whichever comes first.

Contact information

Company Entegrity Solutions ®
Contact Keith Rauseo, Director of Operations
410 Amherst Street, Suite 150
Nashua, NH 03063
Phone +1 603-882-1306 x2203
FAX +1 603-882-6092
Email keith.rauseo@entegrity.com
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