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Other Tools

Tool Description UNIX NT More Info
DIGITAL Continuous Profiling Infrastructure (DCPI) Statistical Profiler

(uses performance counters)

Yes Yes DCPI
Spike Executable Optimizer No Yes

Developers Toolkit

Alpha NT Performance Tools

Atom Binary Instrumentation Yes No Using and Developing Atom Tools
NT-atom Binary Instrumentation No Yes Alpha NT, Performance Tools
iprobe Gathers information from performance counters Yes Yes --


acid Perfmon interface to performance counters No Yes

Alpha NT Performance Tools

om Executable Optimizer Yes No --
ntprof Statistical Profiler

(pc sampling)

No Yes


ntstep User mode instruction traces; data traces No Yes

Alpha NT Performance Tools

VTune(tm) Statistical Profiler and CPU Simulator No Yes VTune home page


Other UNIX profiling tools:

cc –pg
man 1 gprof
man 1 prof
man 2 profil
pfm: Digital UNIX driver for performance counters 

User manuals

(DCPI) online man pages

Tru64 UNIX online Documentation

See Programmer's Guide, Chapter 8: Profiling Programs to Improve Performance

See Programmer's Guide, Chapter 9: Using and Developing Atom Tools

(See also "man –k atom" on a Digital UNIX machine.)

For more manuals in HTML and PDF format, see http://h30097.www3.hp.com/docs/pub_page/doc_list.html