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DCPI-V3.8 Release Notes for Tru64 UNIX


Changes since release V3.4:

- Supports ProfileMe counters on EV67 (Alpha 21264a) cpus!
  (See "man dcpiprofileme" and "man dcpid")

- Dcpiprof and dcpilist require "-help" to list descriptions of their
  many flags.

- Dcpid's command syntax for selecting events has changed (see man dcpid).
  The new syntax supports multiplexing of profile-me modes with
  aggregate (i.e., non-profileme) modes.

- A new tool, dcpitopcounts, lists instructions with the highest event
  counts (see man dcpitopcounts).

- Dcpid supports a new -nice option to adjust its scheduling priority,
  and a new -gc option to automatically delete old epochs.

- Support for Tru64 V4.0c and earlier has been dropped.  Use DCPI-V3.4
  for V4.0 through V4.0c.

Known problems:

- When collecting data using multiple "-slot"s, each slot must have at
  least one event that occurs at least every 2^30 cycles, e.g.,
  retires, cycles, issues, or profileme mode.  Dcpid does not
  check this requirement

Changes since release V2.12:

- Pcount driver is dynamically loadable.

- Dcpid loads pcount at startup and unloads it at exit.

- A new underlying profile file format is used to store sample data
  for all events in a single file per image.  Backwards compatibility
  has been retained so that all tools support profiles collected with
  previous versions of DCPI.

- Dcpid supports a new -nice option to adjust its scheduling priority,
  and a new -gc option to automatically delete old epochs.

- Fixed a rare assertion failure in instruction-level analysis tools.

- This version works with Tru64 UNIX T5.0 646.2 (a.k.a. BL17)

- Support for Tru64 UNIX V3.2 has been dropped.  Use DCPI-V2.11 and
  pcount-13.3 build 15 for machines running 3.2.

Changes since release V2.11:

- Added support for Alpha 21066 and other 21064-compatible cpus.

Changes since release V2.10:

- Adds support for compressed kernel modules.

- dcpiprof listings now contain information about which named
  procedure is near an anonymous procedure to help the user in finding
  anonymous procedures.

Changes since release V2.5:

- DCPI releases V2.6 through V2.9 each had incompatibilities
  with various versions of Tru64 UNIX.  We believe that these
  problems have been corrected.
- New loader for 4.0c and higher.
  Dynamically linked images can be profiled on machines running
  DU V3.2 or V4.0*, but not V5.0*.  The INSTALL script tests the
  DCPI loader before installing it as the default system loader.

- Minor improvements to dcpid image identification.
  Image maps for common DU V4.0c and V4.0d binaries are compiled into dcpid.
  Fixed identification of large images started before dcpid.

- Major update to dcpi2pix to generate more accurate data.

- Added support for new 21264 instructions. 

Copyright 1996-2004 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Last modified: Tuesday, 02-Nov-99 14:04:22 PST