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dcpiexclusions - DCPI DADD mode exclusions file format.


The dcpiexclusions file allows administrators who are running DCPI in DADD mode to specify images and/or processes for which no samples are to be collected. It is provided as a means to deal with memory consumption problems arising from the need for the daemon to collect and retain samples for long-running processes which may be of no interest to the DADD user. The dcpiexclusions file is named "dcpiexclusions" and is stored in the /usr/lib/dcpi directory. The syntax used to specify exclusions is as follows:

  • To exclude an image, add a line containing the "short name" of the image to the dcpiexclusions file.

  • To exclude a process, add a line such as:

    PID xxxx

    where xxxx is the ID of the process to be excluded.

  • To exclude a range of processes, add a line such as:

    PID xxxx-yyyy

    where xxxx and yyyy are process IDs.

  • Lines beginning with a # are treated as comments.

DCPI/DADD is distributed with an initial dcpiexclusions file in /usr/lib/dcpi. The distributed file contains one line with an entry indicating that no samples should be collected for the DCPI daemon, dcpid. Exclusions should be used carefully since it is possible to exclude processes or images for which performance information is needed. The dcpiexclusions file has no effect when DCPI is not run in DADD mode.


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For more information, see the DCPI project home page http://h30097.www3.hp.com/dcpi.


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