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dcpilabel - Assign a label to the profiles for a command.


dcpilabel label command...


Dcpilabel starts a new process that runs the specified command. All profiles collected for the new process are assigned the specified label. The assigned labels can be used to distinguish between different runs of the same program. For example, the following two commands will generate two set of profiles labeled "run1" and "run2" respectively.

    dcpilabel run1 sum /usr/dict/words
    dcpilabel run2 sum /etc/services
If "dcpilabel" is invoked several times with the same label, all of the resulting profiles will be aggregated under the specified label.

The -label option can be supplied to the downstream analysis tools to restrict analysis to profiles with the specified label(s). For example, the following command will give a breakdown of the time spent by the first run above within the kernel, the C library, and the application code.

    dcpiprof -i -label run1
Dcpilabel is implemented as a shell script that invokes dcpictl(1) with the label command.


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For more information, see the DCPI project home page http://h30097.www3.hp.com/dcpi.


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