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For Tru64 UNIX

This installation guide describes how to install DCPI on Tru64 UNIX.

  1. Get the release and pcount kits
    Copy the DCPI release from the DCPI download page. Uncompress and untar:

    cd <dir>
    zcat DCPI-<ver>.tar.Z | tar xf -

    This will create a directory DCPI-<ver>.

  2. Install DCPI daemon, utilities, and dynamically loadable driver
    By default, the DCPI-<ver>/INSTALL script may copy the DCPI loader to /sbin, make links to the utilities and man pages from /usr/bin and /usr/man, and install the pcount driver in /var/subsys. Edit the script to suit local preference, then run it from the directory DCPI-<ver>.
  3. Collect and analyze data
    Make a directory to store the profile database and then start dcpid to collect profile data.
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    Send mail to to be added to our mailing list; this will ensure that you receive notices about new releases, bug fixes, and other developments.
  5. Read the release notes.


  1. dcpisource requires perl (Perl4 or Perl5), which is available from the Perl home page.
  2. DCPI cannot be run at the same time as other tools that use the built-in Alpha hardware performance counters (Iprobe, kprofile, uprofile, etc.). Anything that uses the pfm or ipr device drivers will also conflict with DCPI in its use of the performance counters.

For Windows NT on Alpha

Installation instructions for the Windows NT version can be found in the Windows NT kit.