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Advanced Server for UNIX Online Documentation

Tru64 UNIX documentation

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Tru64 UNIX documentation

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ASU documentation Website archival and migration

Starting in early 2008, this Tru64 UNIX documentation website will no longer be updated with new and changed information and the search function has been removed. All new and changed information will be made available at www.hp.com/go/tru64unix-docs

Reference pages provided at this archive site have not been updated for some time. You should always refer to the reference pages provided in your Tru64 UNIX distribution kit.

Advanced Server for UNIX Online Documentation

Welcome to the Advanced Server for UNIX (ASU) documentation site. This site provides online access to the Advanced Server Version 5.1B documentation:

» HTML PDF Installation and Administration Guide 
» HTML PDF Concepts and Planning Guide
» Version 5.1B-4 ECO2  September 2007

NOTE: You need Version 3.0 or higher of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. Download the latest version of the Acrobat Reader to view these books.

Previous Release Notes

The following Release Notes are available for previous ASU releases:

» Version 5.1B-4 ECO1
» Version 5.1B-4
» Version 5.1B-3 ECO2
» Version 5.1B-3 ECO1
» Version 5.1B-3
» Version 5.1B-2 ECO1
» Version 5.1B-2 
» Version 5.1B ECO2 
» Version 5.1B ECO1
» PDF Version 5.1B  
» Version 5.1A ECO 3
» Version 5.1A ECO 2
» Version 5.1A and Version 5.1A ECO 1
» Version 5.0 ECO 2
» Version 5.0 ECO 1
» Version 5.0
» Version 4.1 ECO

ASU is a layered Tru64 UNIX software product that provides seamless interoperability between Tru64 UNIX servers, Windows NT servers, and Microsoft Windows clients.

The ASU software enables a Tru64 UNIX Version 4.0D or higher system to run the services that make it appear as a Microsoft NT Version 4.0 server. Through the ASU software, Tru64 UNIX resources are available to Microsoft users as shares without modification to their software.

See the Advanced Server for UNIX homepage for more information.

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