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Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B Reference Pages


When new and changed features are included in ongoing releases of the HP Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B operating system and HP TruCluster Software Products, the reference pages for the affected components are sometimes updated and then installed during the software installation procedure.

These revised reference pages are not, however, updated in HTML format and so are not included on this Web site. If you have installed a newer version, such as Version 5.1B-3, the new reference pages are installed on your system and you can view them using the man command. The Patch Summary and Release Notes document included with the newer Tru64 UNIX version lists the revised reference pages. You can find that document for the Version 5.1B-3 release at the following site:

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Section 1, User Commands

Section 1m, System Administration (CDE)

Section 2, System Calls

Section 3, Routines

Section 4, File Formats

Section 5, Miscellaneous

Section 7, Special Files

Section 8, System Administration

Section 9, Kernel Routines