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Tru64 UNIX documentation Website archival and migration

Starting in early 2008, this Tru64 UNIX documentation website will no longer be updated with new and changed information and the search function has been removed. All new and changed information will be made available at

Reference pages provided at this archive site have not been updated for some time. You should always refer to the reference pages provided in your Tru64 UNIX distribution kit.

Best Practices documentation provides you with a recommended method to handle a task, rather than presenting all of the options available. The recommendation might depend on your configuration environment.

For example, there might be different Best Practices for performing a particular task on a Web server versus a file server.

Best Practices documentation is available for the following topics.

Best Practices Topics

» System Management
Topics include operating system installation, updating installations, cloning configurations, and other system management-related topics.

» Networking
Topics include routing, gated, how to deploy IPv6, and other network-related topics.

» Cluster Management
Topics include configuring high availability clusters, cluster recovery, rolling upgrades, and similar cluster-related topics.  
New postings 9 October 2006

» Internet Management
Topics include planning and configuring mail services, setting up and configuring servers, and other Internet-related topics.  
New postings 5 May 2006

» Security
Topics include debugging with audit and the information necessary to configure security features for Tru64 UNIX Version 4.0G and Version 5.1A.

» Printing
Topics include upgrading and configuring Advanced Printing Software in a TruCluster Server environment, and configuring unsupported third-party printers.

» Programming
Topics include how to launch the Component Object Module (COM) server application and how to use the Compaq C compiler.

» Compaq Insight Manager
Topics include configuring SNMP for threshold set and trap operations and updating Compaq Management agents for Tru64 UNIX from the management CD.

» Miscellaneous Topics
Topics include customizing the CDE front panel and setting up and using the diskette driver.

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