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The following system management Best Practices documents provide you with recommended methods for performing specific tasks, rather than presenting all options.

Installation and Upgrade
Patching Tru64 UNIX
8 May 2002
Installation Roadmap
10 December 2001
Customizing the Installation Process with Your Own Scripts 
3 December 2001
Updating the Operating System to the Next Release  
Revised 14 August 2001
Cloning System Configurations  
14 May 2000
Installing a New Version of the Operating System  
03 May 2000
Installing Large Numbers of Systems  
08 September 1999

Configuration and Tuning
Configuring the AlphaServer GS320 for Performance  
19 March 2002
Primary Tuning Recommendations for Internet Servers  
28 February 2002
Displaying and Modifying Kernel Subsystem Attributes
27 February 2002
Configuring Tru64 UNIX and Windows Single Sign On
21 September 2001
Changing the Host Name Permanently  
Revised 15 April 2002
Adding a Single-Spindle SCSI Disk  
27 June 2001
Restoring a root Disk  
Replaced 25 April 2001
Adjusting Your Screen Settings  
20 April 2001
Using a Processor Set to Reserve CPUs for a Key Application  
19 March 2001
Configuring a Remote Console Connection  
26 April 2000

Management and Availability
Backing Up LSM Volumes Using the Fast Plex Attach Feature
15 April 2002
Improving AdvFS Performance by Disabling the Frag File
14 May 2002
Placing the Cluster Root File Systems Under LSM Control
30 January 2002
Aligning LSM Disks and Volumes to Hardware RAID Devices 
3 December 2001
Defragmenting an AdvFS Domain  
18 October 2001
Ensuring Redundancy of LSM Configuration Databases on a Fibre Channel
23 October 2001
Using LSM to Create Mirrored Volumes for Boot Disk Partitions
Revised 19 September 2001
Using StorageWorks HSG80 Controller-Based Cloning and Snapshotting
Revised 17 September 2003
Sending Selected Events to a Cellular Phone or Pager  
22 August 2000
Viewing High-Priority System Events with EVM 
22 November 1999

General System Management
Euro Symbol Support on Tru64 UNIX  
14 November 2001
Building a Consolidated Firmware CD  
17 September 2001
Using ARMTech in Oracle and SAP Environments  
27 July 2001
Configuring Multiple Monitors on a Single System  
20 December 2000

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