TruCluster Server High Availability Case Study Hardware Configuration

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This high-availability cluster configuration includes the following hardware components:

  • Independently powered system cabinet with two identically configured member systems, local storage shelves, and redundant Memory Channel hubs
  • Independently powered storage cabinet, which includes dual-redundant RAID controllers, an UltraSCSI hub, and shared storage shelves
  • Shared tape devices
  • Redundant uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs)

The following tables describe these components in more detail. The images highlight particular details of the cluster configuration. (Images are displayed in a separate window.)

System Cabinet
Model System Cabinet (H9A10-EF) (Predecessor of the M-Series Cabinets)
Cabinet Power Supplies
Two power supplies, standard with the H9A10-EF cabinet

Two AlphaServer 4000 5/533 systems
Two AlphaServer 4x00 533Mhz Tru64 UNIX SMP Upgrades (KN305-DB), one for each system
.5 GB for each system
I/O Expansion Options
Two AlphaServer 4000 PCI I/O Expansion Options (H7150-AA), one for each system
Host Bus Adapters
Seven PCI-based FWD host bus adapters for each system:
  • Four KZPBA-CA adapters to connect each system to its local storage
  • Two KZPBA-CA adapters to redundantly connect each system to shared storage (via UltraSCSI hub)
  • One KZPSA-BB adapter to connect each system to a shared tape device
Network Adapters
  • Two PCI/Fast Ethernet adapters (DE500-BA), one for each system
  • Four PCI/FDDI adapters (DEFPA-AB), two for each system
  • Four PCI/Ethernet adapters (DE450), two for each system
Memory Channel Adapters
Four Memory Channel adapters (CCMAA-BA), two for each system
Power Supplies
Six AlphaServer 4XXX power supplies (H7291-AA), three for each system

Local Server Storage
Storage Shelves
Storage Shelf Power Supplies
Eight StorageWorks 180-Watt Power Supply SSBs (DS-BA35X-HH), two for each storage shelf
Four 5-meter UltraSCSI 68HD to VHDCI cables (BN38C-05) to connect each system to local storage shelves
Ten 4.3-GB 7200Rpm UltraSCSI disks (DS-RZ1CB-VW), five for each system's local storage shelves

Memory Channel
Memory Channel Hubs
Two Memory Channel Hubs (CCMHA-AA)
Memory Channel Line Cards
Four linecards (CCMLA), two for each hub
Memory Channel Link Cables
Four PCI-Memory Channel link cables (BC12N-10), two for each Memory Channel hub

Shared Storage
ESA 10000 High Bandwidth base unit (DS-SWXES-BA)
Cabinet Enclosure Model
DataCenter 600 mm enclosure
Cabinet Power Supplies
PDU Redundant for SW600 (DS-SW6XP-AA)
RAID Controllers
Four HSZ70 six-port RAID controllers (dual-redundant controllers), each with a 64 MB mirrored write back cache
Storage Shelves
Four BA370s containing sixteen UltraSCSI storage shelves (BA35R-RC).
Storage Shelf Power Supplies
Sixteen StorageWorks 180-Watt Power Supply SSBs (DS-BA35X-HH), two for each storage shelf
Storage Interconnects
Two UltraSCSI hubs (DS-DWZZH-05), to connect shared buses (two buses from each system) to the four RAID controllers
Four 5-meter UltraSCSI 68HD to VHDCI cables (BN38C-05), to connect four shared SCSI buses to the UltraSCSI hub
Click here to display the disk configuration for the two HSZ70s.
Tape Drives
Two 100/200GB SCSI tape subsystems (TZ885-NT)
SCSI Signal Converters
One signal converter (DWZZA-AA) for the tape drives

Powerware Prestige 6000 UPS Configuration
  • Two 4.5kVA UPS 208V/120V (4N-AEAAJ-AM) installed in the system cabinet
  • Two 4.5kVA UPS 120V/208V (4N-AEAAJ-AL) installed in the storage cabinet
Battery Cabinets
Two six-battery cabinets (4N-AEAAJ-CC)
Network Adapters
Four Connect UPS Twisted Pair Adapters (4N-AEAEO-DB)