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Starting in early 2008, this Tru64 UNIX documentation website will no longer be updated with new and changed information and the search function has been removed. All new and changed information will be made available at

Reference pages provided at this archive site have not been updated for some time. You should always refer to the reference pages provided in your Tru64 UNIX distribution kit.

TruCluster Server High Availability Case Study
HP believes, based on decades of experience, that the proper way to achieve high availability for SMP-type systems involves clustering. We engineer our standalone systems to be resilient and available, but the highest levels of availability are achieved with clustering, accompanied by good operational and system management practices.

The following links take you to pages that discuss how high availability is defined, what it means to different businesses, and HP's high availability solutions, documentation, and tools.

The specific focus of this page is to document a real production-level cluster that resides in one of our Nashua, New Hampshire computer labs. On October 27, 2000, this two-member cluster was upgraded to TruCluster Server Version 5.0A from TruCluster Production Server Version 1.6. Following the upgrade to Version 5.0A, a rolling upgrade was performed to install Patch Kit 2.

Since the initial upgrade and patch, the cluster has been upgraded to more recent versions of TruCluster Server and the Tru64 UNIX operating system. As of December 2001, the cluster is running TruCluster Version 5.1 with Patch Kit 3 installed.

We hope that the configuration and administration decisions we have made and the lessons we have learned will help you configure and manage your own clusters.

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