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The following information describes the software for the hardware configuration shown in the Hardware Configuration page:

For detailed system configuration information, see the sample sys_check utility output. (Note that the sample output is from the Version 1.6 Production Server cluster, not from the Version 5.0A TruCluster Server cluster.)

Installed Software

The following table lists the software installed on the cluster:

Software Description Purpose
Operating System Tru64 UNIX Version 5.0A (Rev. 1094) Basic operations
Cluster Software TruCluster Server Version 5.0A (Rev. 354) High availability
Patch Level Tru64 UNIX Patch Kit 2 (BL 16) Bug fixes
Disk Storage Logical Storage Manager (LSM) Disk management and data mirroring. Click here to display the current LSM configuration. (Note: using hardware RAID to mirror shared /, /usr, /var clusterwide file systems, and member boot disks).

Advanced File System Utilities File system management

Networker for Tru64 UNIX Version 6.01 Online network backups
Networking NFS Network file system

Advanced Server for UNIX (ASU) Version 5.1 Windows NT and Tru64 UNIX interoperability

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) High-performance network
Internet Netscape Communicator V4.7 Web browser

Netscape Enterprise Server Web server
Internet AlphaServer Solutions (IASS) Apache Web server

Squid Proxy/Caching server Proxy/caching server

Cyrus IMAP mail server Mail administration

Popper V2.53 Qualcomm POP3 mail server Berkeley Post Office

ProcMail 3.14 Mail filtering software Mail processing utility

Sendmail V8.9.3 Mail Transport Agent Sendmail program
Monitoring Revision and Configuration Management Tool (RCM) Configuration reporting

Digital Product Performance (DPP) Data collection and reporting process

DECevent Translation and Analysis Event monitoring and analysis Checks system availability, mail server access, ping responses, system load (uptime), mounts, disk availability, disk errors, disk space, file system space, mail, swap disks, swap space usage, processes running, network interfaces, LSM (voldisk), AdvFS, and printer links every 10 minutes. Another cron job monitors the output of this script and sends mail and pages administration if the script detects problems.

ck_dirs Checks file system accessibility every 5 minutes and pages and sends mail if it is unable to change to the directory.

asdump Checks the status of ASU on kitche.

daily.kitche Daily system information: NSR index info, disk info nightly scripts (,,,, UES daily stuff, disk usage (list of disk hogs), and displaced mail (checkmail)

weekly.kitche On a weekly basis, gathers system information, including backup schedules, disk space usage, and printer logs; checks for root programs in staff areas; and cleans up NSR syslogs. Mails the information to the admininistrator.

monthly.kitche On a monthly basis, rotates log files and gathers the NSR stats for the previous month. On a monthly basis, checks license expiration dates, and sends mail if a license is expiring this month.

sys_check On a monthly basis, gathers system configuration.
Miscellaneous Advanced Printing Software Printing

Printxchange client Network printing

Ladebug Debugger Kernel and application debugging

Network Configuration

The following table lists the basic network configuration:

Network Configuration
BIND slave server Naming service
NIS slave server Naming service
NFS server Remote file system exports
gated daemon Gateway routing daemon (required for cluster alias)
16 nfsd daemons Remote NFS-compatible server
1 pcnfsd daemon (PC)NFS authentication and print request server
7 nfsiod daemons Local NFS-compatible asynchronous I/O daemon

Sample /etc/sysconfigtab File

The /etc/sysconfigtab file contains any permanent changes to kernel subsystem attributes. See sys_attrs.5 for information about attributes.

The following is a portion of one of the kitche member's /etc/sysconfigtab file:

	autonice = 1
	enchanced_core_name = 1
	max_proc_per_user = 512
	max_threads_per_user = 4096
	maxusers = 1024

	AdvfsCacheMaxPercent = 15
	AdvfsMaxDevQLen = 18 

	ipport_userreserved = 65000
	tcbhashsize = 1024

	vm_page_free_target = 512
	vm_ubcseqpercent = 15
	vm_ubcseqstartpercent = 40

	knbsessions = 416

	bufcache = 1
	name_cache_hash_size = 8192 

	msgbuf_size = 16384

	somaxconn = 65535
	sominconn = 65535

Cluster Software Configuration

The following table lists the TruCluster Server Version 5.0A software configuration:

Member systems kitche1 and kitche2
Logging level Informational
Shared storage configuration Click here to display the disk configuration for the two HSZ70s.
File system CFS over AdvFS