Chapter 16 Internet Relay Chat Administration

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) allows users to communicate with each other in real time across a network of Internet servers.

Configuring IRC

Information on configuring IRC is included in usr/internet/irc/example.conf on the Internet Express kit. You can customize your Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server by modifying the configuration file, /usr/internet/irc/lib/ircd/ircd.conf. The configuration options are documented in the comments in this file. After changing the configuration file, you must restart the IRC server (Section : Controlling the IRC Server).

Controlling the IRC Server

To control the IRC server, follow these steps:

  1. From the Administration utility Main menu, choose Manage Components.

  2. From the Manage Components menu, choose IRC Chat Server.

  3. From the IRC Chat Server Administration page, choose Start/Stop the IRC Chat Server.

  4. If the server is currently running, you can:

    • Stop the server by clicking on Stop

    • Restart the server by clicking on Restart

    If the server is currently stopped, you can start the server by clicking on Start.


IRC is run as single instance servers. Only one instance of this server will be run within the cluster. The /sbin/init.d scripts have been modified to use Cluster Application Availability (CAA) for this service. See Section : Managing Internet Express in a TruCluster Environment for more information on running in a TruCluster environment.