Chapter 4 Troubleshooting the Installation

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This chapter describes problems you might encounter during the installation and configuration of Internet Express software and suggests corrective action.

Delayed response

If a step in the browser-based installation procedure appears to be taking a long time to complete, scroll to the bottom of the form to check its status. The step may be complete but the status message might not be visible unless you scroll to the bottom of the page.

A /usr/local directory is not writeable

Check to ensure that the /usr/local file system is not NFS-mounted from another system where it is exported with root mapped to nobody.

Modified security settings

If you are having difficulty connecting to your system using rsh, telnet, or ftp, and TCP Wrapper is installed on your system, check the /etc/hosts.allow file and edit the file to customize the entries for the affected services. If you installed the Internet Express Administration utility, use the TCP Wrapper component under Security on the Manage Components menu to customize the /etc/hosts.allow file.


If you installed TCP Wrapper, access to the poppassd password changing server is denied by default after installing Internet Express.