Internet Express Version 6.6 for Tru64 UNIX: Installation Guide

  Table of Contents


Published: December 2006


This manual describes how to install and configure Internet Express on a system running the HP Tru64 UNIX operating system.

Table of Contents

About This Manual
Related Documentation
Reading the Documentation
Typographic Conventions
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1 Installation Overview
Installation Prerequisites
Network and DNS Client Configuration Worksheets
Network Configuration Worksheet
DNS Client Configuration Worksheet
Internet Express Components and Subsets
2 Installing Internet Express
TruCluster Server Support
Verifying the Installed Version of Tru64 UNIX
Starting the Installation Procedure
Setting Up the Internet Express Account
Choosing an Installation Interface
Verifying Tru64 UNIX Subsets
Verifying Tru64 UNIX Kernel Options
Verifying PAK Information
Configuring the Network
Configuring the DNS Client
Configuring the SMTP Server
Configuring a Standalone Mail System
Configuring a Mail Client
Configuring a Mail Server
Tuning Internet Server Performance
Specifying a Mail Forwarding Address for the iass Account
Checking /usr/local Directories
Creating /data and /data/spool Directories
Installing, Updating, or Removing Internet Express Subsets
Checking for Conflicts with Existing Services
Providing Secure Web Server Information
Choosing an IMAP Server
Mail File Format
User Setup
Administrative Overhead
Mail Folder Sharing
Disk Quota Management
Configuring the OpenLDAP Server
Configuring the LDAP Module for System Authentication
Completing Subset Installation
Exiting the Installation Procedure
3 Completing the Installation
Verifying the Installation
Connecting to the Secure Web Server
Using the Cleanup Script
4 Troubleshooting the Installation