Chapter 1 Internet Express Version 6.6

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The Internet Express for Tru64 UNIX product is included with, and provides Internet capability for, HP Tru64 UNIX AlphaServer systems. It is a suite of popular Internet and administration software that includes security products, mail servers, news and chat servers, an LDAP directory server, a choice of Web servers, and a variety of tools for providing dynamic Web content. The Internet Express product, order number QB-3NCAA-SA (worldwide), includes:

  • The product license

  • A set of Internet Express CD–ROMs that includes the Internet Express Administration software, the Secure Web Server, Internet Monitor, other Internet server software, and documentation, including HTML and PDF versions of the documentation.

New Features

The following components are new for Internet Express Version 6.6:

  • MySQL

    MySQL is an open source database management system that relies on SQL for processing the data in the database. MySQL is most commonly used for Web applications and for embedded applications and is a popular alternative to proprietary database systems.

    For information about setting up MySQL and using configuration files, see the Administration Guide.

    Details about MySQL are available from the following Web site:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird

    Thunderbird is a cross-platform E-mail and news client developed by the Mozilla Foundation.

    Details about Thunderbird are available from the following Web site:

Updated Open Source Software

The following Open Source software has been updated for this release:

  • Apache Version 1.3.37

  • Apache Version 2.2.3

  • Apache/Jakarta Tomcat Version 5.5.17

  • BIND Domain Name System Version 9.3.2–P1

  • Clam AntiVirus Mail Filter Version 0.88.4

  • Clam AV Mail Filter Interfacing Program Version 2.4.2

  • Cyrus IMAP Version 2.3.7

  • Cyrus SASL Library Version 2.1.22

  • Horde Web-based IMAP framework Version 3.1.3

  • LIBPCAP Packet Capture Library Version 0.9.4

  • Mailman — GNU Mailing List Management System Version 2.1.9

  • Mozilla Firefox Version

  • OpenLDAP Version 2.3.24

  • Perl Version 5.8.8

  • PHP Hypertext Preprocessor for Apache Version 4.4.4

  • PostgreSQL Relational Database Management System Version 8.1.4

  • Python Programming Language Version 2.4.3–P1

  • Samba File and Print Server Version 3.0.23

  • sendmail Version 8.13.8

Evaluation Software

The following evaluation software is included on the Internet Express CD–ROM labeled Sources and Evaluation Software:

  • SeaMonkey

    SeaMonkey is an integrated suite of Internet applications developed by the Mozilla Organization. It includes a Web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing.

    More information about this project is available from theMozilla Web site:

  • sendmail X

    sendmail X is a modularized message transfer system (MTS). It supports the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) as specified by RFC 2821 and various extensions, such as STARTTLS, AUTH, PIPELINING, as well as other protocols including LMTP. It is intended to be used as a secure and efficient mail gateway. It does not provide any mail content modification capabilities, such as address masquerading.

    More information about this project is available from the Web site:

  • IPv6 Sniff Tool

    The IPv6 Sniff tool aids Tru64 UNIX users in porting applications to use IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6). For more information, see the README.txt file in the ipv6sniff/ directory.

  • Webmin-Based Administration

    The HP Webmin-based Administration is part of the Secure Web Server for Tru64 UNIX. The Secure Web Server For Tru64 UNIX includes key software products necessary to deploy, manage, and implement mission critical web servers. It includes two means of administering the Secure Web Server 2.0. You can choose between the Secure Web Server Administration Server and the HP Webmin-based Administration to administer your Secure Web Server 2.0 public Web server.


    Only the Secure Web Server Administration Server may be used to manage the Secure Web Server 1.3 public Web server. Support for TruClusters is not currently available in the HP Webmin-based Administration.

    The HP Webmin-based Admin is a Perl-based, mini-HTTP server with a comprehensive set of Perl-based CGI's for configuring the Secure Web Server 2.0. It provides many administration features not found in the Secure Web Server Administration Server and does not require a separate instance of the Secure Web Server to be installed in order to administer the Web Server. Only Perl 5.6.1 or higher must be installed to use the new HP Webmin-based Administration.

    For the latest information on the HP Secure Web Server For Tru64 UNIX, see:

Source tar File Collection for Internet Express Version 6.6

The source-tar directory contains the source code for Open Source components installed by Internet Express Version 6.6.

Table 1-1 lists the tar source files for the Internet Express Version 6.6 components.

Table 1-1 Open Source Software Source Files for Internet Components

ComponentName of tar File
analog Version 6.0analog6.0.tar.Z
Apache Version 2.2.3 (includes auth_ldap, mod_fastcgi, mod_ssl, and open_ssl)apache_2.2.3.tar.Z
Apache Version 1.3.37apache_1.3.37.tar.Z
Apache Axis Web Services Version 1.2.1axis-1_2_1-src.tar.gz
Apache/Jakarta Tomcat Version 5.5.17
  • jakarta-tomcat-5.5.17.tar.gz

  • jakarta-tomcat-5.5.17-src.tar.gz

Batik Java-based toolkit for Scalable Vector Graphics Version 1.6
  • batik-src-1.6.tar.gz


BIND Domain Name System Version 9.3.2–P1bind9.3.2-P1.tar.Z
bogofilter Version 1.0.0 bogofilter-1.0.0.tar.Z
Calamaris Squid log file analysis tool Version 2.59calamaris-2.59.tar.Z
Clam AntiVirus Mail Filter Version 0.88.4clamav-0.88.4.tar.Z
Clam AV Mail Filter Interfacing Program Version 2.4.2amavisd-2.4.2.tar.Z
Cyrus IMAP Version 2.3.7cyrus-imapd-2.3.7.tar.Z
Cyrus SASL Library Version 2.1.22cyrus-sasl-2.1.22.tar.Z
Cocoon Web Publishing Framework Version 2.1.7cocoon-2.1.7-src.tar.gz
Dante SOCKS Server Version 1.1.18dante-1.1.18.tar.Z
expect Version 5.32.1expect-5.32.1.tar.Z
FOP Print Formatter Version 0.20.5fop-0.20.5-src.tar.gz
FreeRADIUS Version 1.0.5freeradius-1.0.5.tar.Z
Horde Web-based IMAP framework Version 3.1.3, IMP Web-based IMAP client Version 4.1.1, and Turba Addressbook/Contact Manager Version 2.1.1horde-imp-4.1.1.tar.Z
ht://Dig Web Index and Search System Version 3.2.0b6htdig-3.2.0b6.tar.Z
Internet Relay Chat Version 2.10.3p6irc2.10.3p6.tar.Z
InterNetNews Version 2.4.1inn-2.4.1.tar.Z
LIBPCAP Packet Capture Library Version 0.9.4libpcap-0.9.4.tar.Z
Libxml Version 2.6.22libxml2-sources-2.6.22.tar.gz
Lynx Browser Version 2.8.5lynx-2.8.5.tar.Z
Majordomo Mailing List Server Version 1.94.5majordomo-1.94.5.tar.Z
Mailman — GNU Mailing List Management System Version 2.1.9mailman-2.1.9.tar.Z
Mozilla Firefox Version
Mozilla Thunderbird Version
MySQL Version 5.0.22mysql-5.0.22.tar.Z
OpenLDAP Version 2.3.24openldap-2.3.24.tar.Z
OpenSLP Version 1.0.11openslp-1.0.11.tar.Z
Perl Version 5.8.8perl-5.8.8.tar.Z
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor for Apache Version 4.4.4php-4.4.4.tar.Z
PJA (Pure Java AWT Toolkit) Version
Pine and Pico Version 4.64pine-4.64.tar.Z
poppassd Password Changing Serverpoppassd.tar.Z
PostgreSQL Relational Database Management System Version 8.1.4postgresql-8.1.4.tar.Z
Procmail Mail Filtering Language Version 3.22procmail-3.22.tar.Z
Pure-FTPd Version 1.0.20pure-ftpd-1.0.20.tar.Z
Python Programming Language Version 2.4.3-P1python-2.4.3-P1.tar.Z
Enhanced Qualcomm POP Server Version 4.0.8pop-4.0.8.tar.Z
Samba File and Print Server Version 3.0.23samba-3.0.23.tar.Z
sendmail Version 8.13.8sendmail-8.13.8.tar.Z
Squid Proxy/Caching Server Version 2.5.STABLE12squid-2.5.STABLE12.tar.Z
Snort intrusion detection systemVersion 2.2.0snort-2.2.0.tar.Z
TCP Wrapper Version Version 7.6tcpwrapper_7.6.tar.Z
TIN News Reader Version 1.6.2tin-1.6.2.tar.Z
UDDI Client Libraries in Java (UDDI4J) Version
University of Washington IMAP4 Mail Server Version 2004.357-IXuw-imap-2004g.tar.Z
Xalan Stylesheet Processor for C++ Version 1.9.0Xalan-C_1_9_0-src.tar.gz
Xalan XSLT Stylesheet Processor for Java Version 2.6.0
  • xalan-j_2_6_0-bin.tar.gz

  • xalan-j_2_6_0-src-tar.gz

Xerces XML parser for C++ Version 2.6.0xerces-c-src2_6_0.tar.gz
Xerces XML parser for Java Version 2.6.2
  • Xerces-J-bin.2.6.2.tar.gz

  • Xerces-J-src.2.6.2.tar.gz

  • Xerces-J-tools.2.6.2.tar.gz


The tar file satan-1.1.4exp.tar.gz contains prebuilt binaries for the Security Tool for Analyzing Networks (SATAN) Version 1.1.4.

Register Your Installation of Internet Express

Register your installation of Internet Express with HP to receive information on future releases and to provide input on Internet Express features. Complete the online registration form at the end of the installation procedure or at any time using the Administration utility.

Software Product Services

You can purchase a support contract that will allow you to receive regular updates to the Internet Express administration software and the Open Source software packaged with the kit. See the QuickSpecs for kit order numbers. For more information about support contracts, contact your HP service representative.

Server Tuning Information on the Web

HP provides application notes on various aspects of administering an Internet AlphaServer and on how to tune your Tru64 UNIX system to improve the performance of your Web server and news server at the following URL:

Installation Requirements

Internet Express for Tru64 UNIX must be installed on a system running the Tru64 UNIX operating system Version 5.1A or higher. See the Installation Guide for disk space and memory requirements.

Licenses for Proprietary Software

The Internet Express Administration utility, Internet Monitor, FireScreen, and LDAP Authentication Module for System Authentication are proprietary to, and embody the confidential technology of, Compaq Computer Corporation, a subsiduary of Hewlett-Packard Company. Use of this software is authorized only pursuant to a valid written license from Hewlett-Packard Company or an authorized distributor. See the QuickSpecs for details.

Default Port Access

The Installation Guide explains how the installation process secures the system by initially restricting access to the Secure Web Server Administration utility and Internet Express Administration utility on port 8081. Access to this port is initially restricted to one local system only. See the Administration Guide for information on configuring access control.

Administration Utility Web Browser Requirement

You access the administration servers from a graphical Web browser. For Internet Express Version 6.1, use Netscape Communicator Version 4.5 or later, or Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4.0 or later.

The Lynx browser is not supported as a means to access the Administration utility.

LDAP Client Usage Information Added

For Internet Express Version 6.6, the Administration Guide has been updated to include usage information and tips for the LDAP client. See Chapter 4 of the Administration Guide.