Appendix A Secure Web Server 1.3 Components and Modules

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Secure Web Server 1.3 Components and Modules

Table A-1 lists the major components of the Secure Web Server 1.3 kit, along with a URL for more information about each component.

Table A-2 lists the Apache source distribution standard modules that are provided with the Secure Web Server 1.3. Modules are either provided built in to the httpd image or as Dynamic Shared Objects.

Table A-3 lists modules that are part of the mod_ssl distribution that is integrated in the Secure Web Server 1.3 kit.

Table A-4 lists other modules provided with the Secure Web Server.

Table A-1 Secure Web Server 1.3 Components

Apache HTTPD Apache HTTP Server.
mod_ssl An Open Source toolkit that implements the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL Version 2/Version 3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS Version 1) protocols, as well as a complete, general purpose cryptography library.
PHP A server-side, cross-platform HTML embedded scripting language.
fastcgiA language-independent, scalable, open extension to CGI that provides high performance without the limitations of server-specific APIs.
auth_ldapAn LDAP authentication module for Apache.
AnalogA popular log file analyzer.

Table A-2 Standard Secure Web Server 1.3 Modules

ModuleDSO or IntegratedDescription
mod_accessIntegratedProvides access control based on client host name or IP address.
mod_actionsIntegratedExecutes CGI scripts based on media type or request method.
mod_aliasIntegratedMaps different parts of the host file system in the document tree, and URL redirection.
mod_asisIntegratedSends files that contain their own HTTP headers.
mod_authIntegrated Provides user authentication using text files.
mod_auth_anonDSOAllows “anonymous” user access to authenticated areas.
mod_auth_dbDSOProvides user authentication using Berkeley DB files.
mod_auth_dbmIntegratedProvides user authentication using DBM files.
mod_autoindexIntegratedGenerates automatic directory listings.
mod_cern_metaDSOSupport for HTTP header metafiles.
mod_cgiIntegrated Invokes CGI scripts.
mod_digestDSOProvides MD5 authentication.
mod_dirIntegratedProvides basic directory handling.
mod_expiresDSOApplies Expires: headers to resources.
mod_headersDSOAdds arbitrary HTTP headers to resources.
mod_imapIntegratedProvides the image map file handler.
mod_includeIntegrated Provides server-parsed documents.
mod_info *IntegratedProvides server configuration information.
mod_log_agentDSOProvides a log of user agents.
mod_log_configIntegratedProvides user-configurable logging replacement for mod_log_common.
mod_log_refererDSOProvides a log document references.
mod_mimeIntegratedDetermines document types using file extensions.
mod_mime_magicDSODetermines document types using “magic numbers”.
mod_mmap_staticDSOExperimental file caching; maps files into memory to improve performance.
mod_negotiationIntegrated Negotiates content.
mod_proxyDSO Provides caching proxy abilities.
mod_rewriteDSOProvides powerful URI-to-file name mapping using regular expressions.
mod_setenvifIntegratedSets environment variables based on client information.
mod_so *IntegratedProvides support for loading modules at run time.
mod_spelingDSO Automatically corrects minor typos in URLs.
mod_statusIntegratedDisplays server status.
mod_unique_idDSO Generates unique request identifier for every request.
mod_userdirIntegratedProvides user home directories.
mod_usertrackDSOProvides user tracking using Cookies (replacement for mod_cookies.c).
mod_vhost_aliasDSOProvides support for dynamically configured mass virtual hosting.


Table A-3  Secure Web Server 1.3 – Related Modules

ModuleDSO or IntegratedDescription
mod_sslDSO Provides SSL connections.
mod_defineDSOProvides support for variables in configuration directives.


Table A-4 Additional Modules Provided with the Secure Web Server

Module DSO or IntegratedDescription
mod_auth_ldapDSOProvides support for authentication with an LDAP database.
mod_fastcgiDSOSupports connections to FastCGI processes.
mod_frontpageDSOProvides support for Microsoft's FrontPage extensions.
mod_php4DSOProvides the PHP processing engine.
mod_jkDSOProvides an interface to Java Servlet engines.
mod_jk2DSOProvides an interface to Java Servlet engines.