Appendix B Secure Web Server 2.0 Components and Modules

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Secure Web Server 2.0 Components and Modules

Table B-1 lists the major components of the Secure Web Server 2.0 kit, along with a URL for more information about each component.

Table B-2 lists the Apache 2.0 source distribution standard modules that are provided with the Secure Web Server 2.0. Modules are either provided built in to the httpd image or as Dynamic Shared Objects.

Table B-3 lists other modules provided with the Secure Web Server 2.0.

Table B-1 Secure Web Server 2.0 Components

Apache HTTPD Apache HTTP Server.
fastcgiA language-independent, scalable, open extension to CGI that provides high performance without the limitations of server-specific APIs.
PHP A server-side, cross-platform HTML embedded scripting language.

Table B-2 Standard Secure Web Server 2.0 DSO Modules

mod_accessProvides access control based on client hostname, IP address, or other characteristics of the client request.
mod_actionsProvides for executing CGI scripts based on media type or request method.
mod_aliasProvides for mapping different parts of the host file system in the document tree and for URL redirection.
mod_asisSends files that contain their own HTTP headers .
mod_auth Provides user authentication using text files.
mod_auth_anonAllows “anonymous” user access to authenticated areas.
mod_auth_dbmProvides for user authentication using DBM files.
mod_autoindexAutomatically generates directory indexes similar to the UNIX ls command or the Win32 dir shell command .
mod_cacheProvides content cache, keyed to URIs.
mod_cern_meta Provides CERN httpd metafile semantics.
mod_cgiExecutes CGI scripts.
mod_cgidExecutes CGI scripts using an external CGI daemon.
mod_charset_lite Specifies character set translation or recoding.
mod_digest MD5 authentication
mod_davProvides Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) functionality.
mod_deflateCompresses content before it is delivered to the client.
mod_dirProvides for “trailing slash” redirects and for serving directory index files.
mod_echoProvides a simple echo server to illustrate protocol modules.
mod_env Modifies the environment which is passed to CGI scripts and SSI pages.
mod_expiresGenerates Expires HTTP headers according to user-specified criteria.
mod_ext_filterPasses the response body through an external program before delivery to the client.
mod_file_cacheCaches a static list of files in memory.
mod_headersCustomizes HTTP request and response headers.
mod_imapProvides server-side imagemap processing.
mod_includeProvides for server-parsed HTML documents (Server Side Includes)
mod_infoProvides a comprehensive overview of the server configuration.
mod_log_configLogs requests made to the server.
mod_logio Logs input and output bytes per request.
mod_mimeAssociates the requested filename's extensions with the file's behavior (handlers and filters) and content (mime-type, language, character set and encoding).
mod_mime_magicDetermines the MIME type of a file by looking at a few bytes of its contents.
mod_negotiationProvides for content negotiation.
mod_proxyRuns the HTTP/1.1 proxy/gateway server.
mod_rewriteProvides a rule-based rewriting engine to automatically rewrite requested URLs.
mod_setenvifAllows the setting of environment variables based on characteristics of the request.
mod_soLoads executable code and modules into the server at start-up or restart time.
mod_spelingAttempts to correct mistaken URLs that users might have entered by ignoring capitalization and by allowing up to one misspelling.
mod_sslProvides strong cryptography using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols.
mod_status Provides information on server activity and performance
mod_suexec Allows CGI scripts to run as a specified user and group.
mod_unique_id Provides an environment variable with a unique identifier for each request.
mod_userdirDefines user-specific directories.
mod_usertrackProvides clickstream logging of user activity on a site.
mod_vhost_aliasProvides support for dynamically configured mass virtual hosting.


Table B-3 Secure Web Server 2.0 – Additional Modules

Module DSO or IntegratedDescription
mod_fastcgiDSOSupports connections to FastCGI processes.
mod_php4DSOProvides the PHP processing engine.
mod_jkDSOProvides an interface to Java Servlet engines.
mod_jk2DSOProvides an interface to Java Servlet engines.