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About This Document

This document describes the administration tasks for configuring and managing the Secure Web Server for Tru64 UNIX™ (powered by Apache).

Intended Audience

This document is intended for the system administrator who manages Internet services on a Tru64 UNIX AlphaServer system.

Document Organization

This document is organized as follows:

Chapter 1 

Provides an overview of the Secure Web Server.

Chapter 2 

Describes the general administration tasks for managing a Secure Web Server.

Chapter 3 

Explains how to implement dynamic modules.

Chapter 4 

Explains how to implement the Tomcat Java Servlet and JSP Engine.

Chapter 5 

Describes how to enable the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide secure Internet connections to your server.

Appendix A 

Lists the Secure Web Server 1.3 components and modules.

Appendix B 

Lists the Secure Web Server 2.0 components and modules.

This manual also contains a glossary and an index.

Typographic Conventions

This document uses the following typographical conventions:

%, $, or # 

A percent sign represents the C shell system prompt. A dollar sign represents the system prompt for the Bourne, Korn, and POSIX shells. A number sign represents the superuser prompt.


A manpage. The manpage name is audit, and it is located in Section 5.


A key sequence. A sequence such as Ctrl+x indicates that you must hold down the key labeled Ctrl while you press another key or mouse button.


The name of a keyboard key. Return and Enter both refer to the same key.

User input 

Commands and other text that you type.


The name of a placeholder in a command, function, or other syntax display that you replace with an actual value.

Related Information

Consult the following documentation for information on installing, configuring, and administering Internet solutions on Tru64 UNIX operating systems.

Internet Express Documentation

For information on installing, configuring, and administering Open Source and other Web server-related software, see the Documentation Bookshelf provided with HP Internet Express. (HP includes the Internet Express CD-ROMs with Tru64 UNIX AlphaServer systems.)

  • Reading documentation using the Administration utility:

    After installation of the Secure Web Server subset (IAEAPCH), the Internet Express Documentation subset (IAEDOC), and the Internet Express Administration utility (IAEADM subset), you can access the Administration utility for Internet Express and read the documentation following the link from the Web page at:


  • Reading documentation using the public Web server:

    You can also read the documentation without the Administration utility using the public Web server (if you chose to configure one) to access the documentation index page at http://hostname.domain/documents/bookshelf.html. If this URL does not work, verify that the Web server configuration file, /usr/internet/httpd/admin/conf/httpd.conf, contains the following line:

    Alias /documents/ "/usr/internet/docs/IASS/"

    You can read the installed documentation directly from the file system using a Web browser running on the same system by using the file URL: file:/usr/internet/docs/IASS/bookshelf.html.

  • Reading documentation from the Internet Express Installation and Documentation CD–ROM:

    You can access the Documentation Bookshelf on the Internet Express CD–ROM. The documentation is available in the following formats:

    • HTML

    • PDF

Tru64 UNIX Operating System Documentation

The Documentation Overview describes the documentation that comes with the HP Tru64 UNIX operating system. The Tru64 UNIX documentation main page can be accessed from the following URL:


Tru64 UNIX Best Practices Documentation

Tru64 UNIX Best Practices describe specific tasks for Internet as well as other topics. You can find these documents at the following URL:


HP Encourages Your Comments

HP encourages your comments concerning this document. We are committed to providing documentation that meets your needs. Send any errors found, suggestions for improvement, or compliments to:


Please include the following information along with your comments:

  • The full title of the document

  • The section numbers and page numbers of the information on which you are commenting

  • The versions of Tru64 UNIX and Internet Express that you are using

  • If known, the type of processor that is running Tru64 UNIX