Internet Express Version 6.7 for Tru64 UNIX: Installation Guide

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This manual explains how to install and configure components included with Internet Express Version 6.7 on a system running HP Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1A and higher.


To use this manual, you should be familiar with installing software on an AlphaServer running the Tru64 UNIX operating system.


This manual consists of the following chapters:

Chapter 1Provides an overview of the installation procedure, describes prerequisites for installation, and provides worksheets to help you gather information required to configure your Internet network.
Chapter 2Explains how to install or update Internet Express using the browser-based interface to the installation procedure.
Chapter 3Describes how to complete and verify the Internet Express installation.
Chapter 4Describes how to correct problems during the installation.

Related Documentation

The Internet Express Documentation Bookshelf provides access to the following documents:

  • Release Notes — This manual includes release notes for Internet Express.

  • Read This First — This manual describes the contents of the kit.

  • Installation Guide — This manual.

  • Administration Guide — This manual contains information on how to use the Administration utility to perform day-to-day maintenance tasks on a Tru64 UNIX system. When you run the Administration utility in a Web browser, this manual is linked to the utility to provide online help.

  • Secure Web Server Administration Guide — This manual describes how to use the Secure Web Server Administration utility.

  • Internet Services User's Guide — This manual explains how to get started with e-mail, the TIN news reader, and a Web browser using a character-cell terminal.

  • Internet Monitor Administrator's Guide — This manual describes how to install, configure, and use the Internet Monitor software.

  • QuickSpecs — This document is a specification of the Internet Express product.

  • Software Description and Licensing Terms — This document describes the terms and conditions for software packaged with the current version of Internet Express.

  • Reference Pages — These reference pages are supplied with components that can be installed and managed using Internet Express.

Reading the Documentation

This section describes the different methods for accessing the Internet Express documentation.

The documentation is available in the following formats:

  • HTML

  • PDF

Reading Documentation Using the Administration Utility

After installation of the Secure Web Server subset (IAEAPCH), the Internet Express Documentation subset (IAEDOC), and the Internet Express Administration utility (IAEADM subset), you need access to the Administration utility for Internet Express (as described in the Administration Guide), so that you can read the documentation following the link from the Web page at:


where hostname.domain is the host name and domain of the system running Internet Express.

Reading Documentation Using the Public Web Server

You can also read the documentation without the Administration utility by using the public Web server (if you chose to configure one) to access the documentation index page at http://hostname.domain/documents/bookshelf.html. If this URL does not work, verify that the Web server configuration file, /usr/internet/httpd/admin/conf/httpd.conf, contains the following line:

Alias /documents/ "/usr/internet/docs/IASS/"

The Internet Express documentation files are installed in the /usr/internet/docs/IASS directory.

  • You can access the Documentation Bookshelf installed on your system by entering the following URL (substituting the name of your system for hostname) in your browser:


  • You can also read the installed documentation directly from the file system using a Web browser running on the same system by using the file URL:


Reading Documentation from the Internet Express Installation and Documentation CD–ROM

You can also access the Documentation Bookshelf on the Internet Express Installation and Documentation CD–ROM from your Tru64 UNIX System or a PC.

On a Tru64 UNIX System

To read the documentation from the Internet Express Installation and Documentation CD–ROM on an AlphaServer system:

  1. Log in to your system as root.

  2. Insert and mount the CD–ROM, replacing drive with the name of your CD–ROM drive:

    # mount /dev/drive /mnt

    Usually this will be:

    # mount /dev/disk/cdrom0c  /mnt
  3. In a Web browser, open the Documentation Bookshelf file by entering the following URL:

  4. Click on the book you want to open.

On a PC

To read the documentation from the Internet Express Installation and Documentation CD–ROM on a PC:

  1. Insert the CD–ROM into your PC's CD–ROM drive.

    The Bookshelf page is automatically displayed in your browser.

    If the Bookshelf does not appear, open the following URL, replacing drive with the letter of your CD–ROM drive:

  2. Click on the book you want to open.

Reading Reference Pages for Internet Express Components

Reference pages for Internet Express components are available in HTML format from the Internet Express Reference Pages index page. These HTML reference pages can be viewed using a Web browser.

Alternatively, you can view these reference pages from a command line in a terminal window, if you modify the search path for the man(1) command.

The man(1) command's search path needs to include the following directories for Internet Express component reference pages:


You can specify an alternative search path when entering the man command by using the M or P options; for example:

# man -M /usr/news/man active.5

You can also define the man command's MANPATH environment variable on the command line or in a file, such as your .profile file or .login file.

For example, suppose your MANPATH environment variable was defined to be the following:


If you are using the sh or ksh shell, you could modify the MANPATH to add to the search path by adding the following:

# set MANPATH $MANPATH:/usr/internet/pgsql/man:/usr/internet/openldap/man:/usr/news/man: \

# export MANPATH

If you are using the csh shell, you would use a command line like the following:

# setenv MANPATH $MANPATH:/usr/internet/pgsql/man:/usr/internet/openldap/man: \

For details about defining reference page search paths, see man(1).

Reading the Open Source Software Component Documentation

The product kit also provides documentation (in ASCII text and HTML) for software components included with Internet Express. This documentation is located in the /usr/internet/docs directory on the system where Internet Express is installed.

Typographic Conventions

This document uses the following typographical conventions:

%, $, or # 

A percent sign represents the C shell system prompt. A dollar sign represents the system prompt for the Bourne, Korn, and POSIX shells. A number sign represents the superuser prompt.


A manpage. The manpage name is audit, and it is located in Section 5.


A key sequence. A sequence such as Ctrl+x indicates that you must hold down the key labeled Ctrl while you press another key or mouse button.


The name of a keyboard key. Return and Enter both refer to the same key.

User input 

Commands and other text that you type.


The name of a placeholder in a command, function, or other syntax display that you replace with an actual value.

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