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1    Release Notes
1.1    Required Storage Space
1.2    New dupatch Features
1.3    Patch Installation from Multiuser Mode
1.3.1    Automatic Kernel Build
1.4    Patch Installation from a Pseudo-Terminal
1.6    Release Notes for Patch 327.00
1.6.1    PCI To Ethernet/Graphics Combo Adapter (3X-DEPVD-AA)
1.6.2    Intelligent I/O Disks with mnemonic ri
1.6.3    Virtual Memory Problem
1.6.4    PCI To Ethernet/Graphics Combo Adapter
1.6.5    Pleiades II Switches
1.6.6    I/O Throttling/Smooth Sync
1.6.7    Granularity Hint Regions Restriction Removal
1.7    Release Notes for Patch 266.00
1.8    Release Note for Patch 315.00
1.9    Release Note for Patch 212.00
1.10    Release Note for Patch 223.00
1.11    Release Note for TruCluster DRD Workaround
2    Summary of Base Operating System Patches
3    Summary of TruCluster Software Patches
2-1    Updated Base Operating System Patches
2-2    Summary of Base Operating System Patches
3-1    Updated TruCluster Software Patches
3-2    Summary of TruCluster Patches