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1    Tru64 UNIX Patches
1.1    Release Notes
1.1.1    Required Storage Space
1.1.2    New Russian Keyboard — Patch 1197.00 (New)
1.1.3    Problem Seen on Systems with Smart Array Controller (New)
1.1.4    Problem with lockmode=4 on AlphaServers with QLogic SCSI Disk Controllers
1.1.5    Updates to sys_check    sys_check Version 125 Web Kit
1.1.6    Support for SDLT160 Tape Device
1.1.7    envconfig(8) Update — Tru64 UNIX Patch 156.00
1.1.8    Information for Tru64 UNIX Patches 1146.00 and 1148.00
1.1.9    Information for Tru64 UNIX Patch 252.00
1.1.10    Information for Tru64 UNIX Patch 1134.00    Updates to sh, csh, and ksh    sh noclobber Option and >| , >>| Constructs Added    ksh noclobber Behavior Clarified    csh noclobber Behavior Clarified    Updated mkdir System Call and Command
1.1.11    Reference Page Updates — Tru64 UNIX Patch 1107.00
1.1.12    Information for Tru64 UNIX Patch 1367.00    Enabling the /dev/poll Function    Removal of Version-Switched Patch    New ee Attribute    lag(7) and lagconfig(8) Reference Page Updates    wol(8) Reference Page Update
1.2    Summary of Base Operating System Patches
2    TruCluster Server Patches
2.1    Release Notes
2.1.1    Required Storage Space
2.1.2    Updates for Rolling Upgrade Procedures    Unrecoverable Failure Procedure    During Rolling Patch, Do Not Add or Delete OSF, TCR, IOS, or OSH Subsets    Undoing a Rolling Patch    Ignore Message About Missing ladebug.cat File During Rolling Upgrade    clu_upgrade undo of Install Stage Can Result in Incorrect File Permissions    Missing Entry Messages Can Be Ignored During Rolling Patch    Relocating AutoFS During a Rolling Upgrade on a Cluster
2.1.3    When Taking a Cluster Member to Single-User Mode, First Halt the Member
2.1.4    Additional Steps Required When Installing Patches Before Cluster Creation
2.1.5    Problems with clu_upgrade switch Stage
2.1.6    Cluster Information for Tru64 UNIX Patch 1367.00
2.1.7    Change to gated Restriction — TruCluster Patch 210.00
2.1.8    Information for TruCluster Patch 272.00    Enablers for EVM    Rolling Upgrade Version Switch    Restrictions Removed
2.1.9    CAA and Datastore — TruCluster Patch 242.00
2.2    Summary of TruCluster Software Patches
A    Revised Reference Pages
A.1    envconfig(8) Update
A.2    sys_check(8) Update
A.3    sys_attrs_netrain(5), nifftmt(7), niffconfig(8), and ifconfig(8) Updates
A.3.1    sys_attrs_netrain(5)
A.3.2    nifftmt(7)
A.3.3    niffconfig(8)
A.3.4    ifconfig(8)
A.4    lag(7) Update
A.5    lagconfig(8) Update
A.6    wol(8) Update