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HP Tru64 UNIX and TruCluster Server Version 5.1B-5: Patch Summary and Release Notes > Chapter 1 Enhancements, Improvements, and Features

Updated Tru64 UNIX Documentation on docs.hp.com


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Starting with Tru64 UNIX V5.1B-5, the updated documents associated with the Tru64 UNIX release will be posted on HP's Technical documentation website http://docs.hp.com. The updated documentation for this release includes the HP Tru64 UNIX Release Notes for Version 5.1B-5 and the HP Tru64 UNIX and TruCluster Server Version 5.1B-5 Patch Summary and Release Notes documents.

The updated documentation for the Internet Express for Tru64 UNIX and the Advanced Server for UNIX (ASU) will also be posted on http://docs.hp.com.

The existing documentation for Tru64 UNIX is provided on the Documentation V5.1B CD, included with the Tru64 UNIX media kit.

The manuals for the current release, manuals and documentation sets from previous releases of Tru64 UNIX, TruCluster software, ASU, Internet Express, and other products, are also provided online from the following Tru64 UNIX Documentation website:


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