HP Tru64 UNIX and TruCluster Server Version 5.1B-6

  Patch Summary and Release Notes   

Chapter 5 CSPs Included in This Kit

This chapter lists the customer-specific patches (CSPs) for Tru64 UNIX and TruCluster Server that are superseded by patches in this kit.

To find out which CSPs are on your system, use the dupatch utility's patch tracking feature, as described in the Patch Kit Installation Instructions. If you are installing patches from the command line, see the appendix “Using dupatch from the Command Line” in the Patch Kit Installation Instructions for information about determining which CSPs are on your system.

When using the Patch Tracking feature, dupatch displays either “Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B” or “TruCluster_V5.1B” before the patch number, and also displays the type of patch, such as Security related or Network; for example:

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Commands, Shells, & Utilities Patches:
     Patch C 00021.00 - ksh processes use excessive CPU time 
- TruCluster_V5.1B / Cluster Filesystem Patches:
     Patch C 00005.00 - CFS proplist access corrections 

To see if the functionality delivered in a CSP is included in this kit or previous V5.1B patch kits, note the number returned in the previous example and check to see if that number is listed in the following tables.

Note that several cluster file system CSPs are included in the Tru64 UNIX list because they are dependent on file system patches for the operating system.

New Superseded Tru64 UNIX CSPs

The numbers in the following tables represent Tru64 UNIX CSPs that are superseded in the current release.

Table 5-1 Superseded CSPs 02298.01 to 02493.00

Patch C 02298.01 Patch C 02356.00 Patch C 02357.00 Patch C 02360.00 Patch C 02363.00 Patch C 02366.00 Patch C 02370.01

Patch C 02371.01 Patch C 02402.00 Patch C 02410.01 Patch C 02419.00 Patch C 02420.00 Patch C 02422.00 Patch C 02426.00

Patch C 02426.01 Patch C 02432.00 Patch C 02433.00 Patch C 02438.01 Patch C 02440.00 Patch C 02441.00 Patch C 02444.00

Patch C 02447.00 Patch C 02450.00 Patch C 02452.01 Patch C 02467.00 Patch C 02470.00 Patch C 02471.00 Patch C 02492.00 Patch C 02493.00