Release Notes for Version 5.1B-6   

Chapter 4 Getting Help with Version 5.1B-6

This chapter points you to resources available to help you keep your operating system up to date and obtain the latest information about Tru64 UNIX and the TruCluster Server software.

Accessing Release Notes from Earlier Version 5.1B Kits

Because the post-Version 5.1B kits are cumulative, the Version 5.1B-6 kit includes all of the fixes, features, and changes that have been added since the release of Version 5.1B. This information is provided in the Patch Summary and Release Notes document for Version 5.1B-6 at:


This document provides a summary of all changes to the operating system and TruCluster Server software delivered in Version 5.1B-6ok. and prior patch kits.

Patch Summary and Release Notes documents for prior Version 5.1B patch kits are available at: