HP Tru64 UNIX and TruCluster Server Version 5.1B-6

  Patch Summary and Release Notes   

Appendix B Prior Patch Installation Changes

Beginning with Version 5.1B-2, we changed the way Tru64 UNIX patch kits are installed and removed, and Version 5.1B-3 introduced additional changes. The following sections describe these changes.

See the Patch Kit Installation Instructions manual for complete information about installing, removing, and managing Tru64 UNIX patch kits.

Changes Made in Version 5.1B-3

If you did not install Version 5.1B-3 but have installed earlier kits, you will see the following differences in the kitting process:

  • Before you can install this kit you must accept the conditions included in the license that the dupatch utility displays. You can read this license in Appendix C “Component Licensing”.

  • You can delete the patch kit by kit name rather than by specifying individual patches. With the introduction of this feature, you can easily delete patches interactively using the dupatch utility or from the dupatch command line. This feature also works on pre-Version 5.1B-6 kits.

  • You can delete patches in multi-user mode.

  • You can force the installation of the patch kit even if file conflicts exist. This feature is an extension of the dupatch baselining feature.

  • A new command-line option, Patch Level, provides a single command that provides a full description of the patch kits, CSPs, and ERPs installed on your system.