Release Notes for Version 5.1B-6   

Chapter 2 Choosing and Installing the Software You Need

This chapter provides a brief overview of the CDs included in this kit and points you to the information you need to install the software.

Overview of Version 5.1B-6 CDs

This kit contains six primary CDs. The following list describes the contents of these disks and tells you what you need to know to get your system up and running as quickly as possible:

  • Version 5.1B-6 CD

    This disk contains the problem fixes for version 5.1B-6. If your system is already running Version 5.1B or higher, installing the software on this disk will bring your operating system to Version 5.1B-6.

    This disk updates the TruCluster Server software and internationalization subset to Version 5.1B-6 if those products are installed on your system.

  • Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B Operating System CD

    This disk contains the Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B operating system. You need to install the software on this disk if one of the following conditions exists:

    • Your operating system is not already running Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B or higher.

    • You are installing Tru64 UNIX on a new system.

    In earlier versions, this CD was labeled as "Operating System Volume 1 V5.1B". In the current release, this CD (part number 5011-6544) is labeled as "Operating System V5.1B".

  • Associated Products Volumes 1 and 2 CDs

    These disks contain software products that run on the Tru64 UNIX operating system. The customer letter included with this kit lists the products on these CDs, and the section in this document titled “Associated Product CDs” describes which products have been updated for this release. Install the products that you want to access on your system or any of the updated products for which you want to run the latest versions.

    The TruCluster Server software included on Volume 2 is Version 5.1B. If your system is already running the TruCluster software and you want to add the problem fixes included in Version 5.1B-6, install the software included on the Version 5.1B-6 CD.

  • Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B Documentation Library CD

    This disk contains the documents that provide information for general users, system administrators, and programmers using the Tru64 UNIX system. If the Version 5.1B documentation set is already installed, do not install the software on this CD.

    The Version 5.1B-6 CD installs all reference pages that have been updated since the Version 5.1B release if the reference page subset is installed on your system. The Patch Summary and Release Notes document included on the Version 5.1B-6 CD lists the reference pages that have been revised for this release and in previous Version 5.1B updates.

  • New Hardware Delivery-7 (NHD-7)

    This disk enables support for new hardware as described in the release notes included on the NHD-7 CD. Because the hardware support included in the NHD-7 kit has not changed since its initial release, you do not have to install the kit included with Version 5.1B-6 if you previously installed NHD-7. See the discussion on installing NHD-7 in “Installing the Software” for additional information.