Release Notes for Version 5.1B-6 > Chapter 2 Choosing and Installing the Software You Need   

Installing the Software

The procedure you use to install the components of your kit depends on the current state of your system. The following list can get you started with the most common installation procedures:

  • Installing on new, updated, or pre-installed operating systems

    If this is a new or update (from a pre-Version 5.1B system) installation, or an installation that was preinstalled (called factory installed systems, or FIS), begin by reviewing the Tru64 UNIX Installation Guide . See Section 1.2 for FIS systems and Section 1.3 to determine the type of installation that best meets your needs.

    To access the Installation Guide, install the Tru64 UNIX Documentation Library. The Installation Guide is included with the documentation set's System and Network Management Documentation library.

  • Installing on a cluster

    If you are installing on a cluster, start with Section 1.4 of the Version 5.1B Installation Guide for guidance in obtaining the information you need.

  • Installing Version 5.1B-6

    If you are updating your Version 5.1B system to Version 5.1B-6 and do not need to install the features provided on the New Hardware Delivery 7 CD, see “Accessing the Version 5.1B-6 CD”.

  • Installing associated products

    Appendix D of the Tru64 UNIX Installation Guide will help you install one or more of the associated products provided on the two Associated Products disks included with the Version 5.1B-6 kit.

  • Installing the NHD kit

    If you are installing the NHD-7 kit included with Version 5.1B-6, you do not have to separately install Version 5.1B-6 — that kit is installed as part of the NHD-7 installation procedure. See the NHD-7 Release Notes and Installation Instructions document included on the NHD-7 CD. You can access that document as follows:

    • For HTML format, point your browser to the following file (where mount_point is the CD mount point):


    • For PDF format, open the file DOC/nhd.pdf using Adobe Acrobat Reader.