Release Notes for Version 5.1B-6   

About This Document

This document describes the issues you need to be aware of when you install and run Version 5.1B-6. It also describes significant new and changed features delivered in the HP Tru64 UNIX® Version 5.1B-6 kit and guides you to the available resources for maintaining the components included in this kit.


These release notes are for the person who installs the product and for anyone using the product following installation.


This document is organized as follows:

Chapter 1 “New Features in Version 5.1B-6”Describes key new features, enhancements, and improvements delivered in Version 5.1B-6
Chapter 2 “Choosing and Installing the Software You Need”Provides brief overviews of the CDs included in this kit and pointers to information you need to install the software.
Chapter 3 “Release Notes”Provides information you need to be aware of when installing or removing this kit, as well as descriptions and workarounds for problems you might encounter on live systems.
Chapter 4 “Getting Help with Version 5.1B-6”Provides information on resources for keeping your operating system up to date and obtaining the latest information about Tru64 UNIX and the TruCluster Server software.

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Related Information

The following list includes information sources for installing and using this product:

  • Hardware documentation for your system

  • Installation Guide (available on the Documentation Library CD)

  • Installation Guide — Advanced Topics (available on the Documentation Library CD)

  • Patch Kit Installation Instructions (included on the Version 5.1B-6 CD)

  • Patch Summary and Release Notes (included on the Version 5.1B-6 CD)

  • Online reference pages

  • Technical Update for Version 5.1B or higher for release note information not included in these notes. You can access the Technical Update from the following website:

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