Release Notes for Version 5.1B-6

HP Part Number: 5900-1150

Published: October 2010

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This document provides information on new and changed features for the HP Tru64™ UNIX operating system and TruCluster server software. It also provides information you need to know when installing and using these products.

Table of Contents

About This Document
1. New Features in Version 5.1B-6
Operating System Enhancements
TruCluster Server Enhancements
Changes to Tru64 UNIX Products
Associated Product CDs
Advanced Server for Tru64 UNIX
Internet Express for Tru64 UNIX
Packaging Changes
2. Choosing and Installing the Software You Need
Overview of Version 5.1B-6 CDs
Installing the Software
Accessing the Version 5.1B-6 CD
Accessing the Documentation CD
3. Release Notes
Installation Release Notes
Presence of Some Insight Management Agents Kits Might Require Additional Steps
Stop sendmail Before Installing Kit
Run Commands on BIND Systems After Kit Installation
inetd Daemon Restart Required
Kit Installation Causes Configuration File Restoration Failure
Run ipsec Command After Installing Kit
Update lprsetup.dat File When Using printconfg
AdvFS Domain Differences Can Affect Version Upgrades
Possible Errors Seen After Kit Installation
Message Seen During Reboot Can Be Ignored
Kit Removal Release Notes
Some Patch Kits Cannot Be Removed
Changes to System Might Need to Be Reversed
Script Must Be Run When Returning to Prepatched System
Cluster-Specific Installation and Removal Release Notes
Extract dupatch Tools Before Cloning
dupclone Error Message Can Be Ignored
Installed CSP Might Affect dupatch Cloning Process
Migrating a Patched Standalone System to a Cluster
Disable vfast Utility If Running on Cluster Domains
Creation of Some MFS File Systems Depends on Version Switch
Workaround Saves Files to Enable Patch Kit Removal
Enabling the Version Switch After Installation
Script Required to Reverse Version Switch
Restriction on Using No-Roll Procedure to Remove Kit
Do Not Install Prior NHD Kits on a Patched System
General Release Notes
netstat Read Error on Structures in a Live System
Version 5.1B-6 Kit Requires Uninstallation of Internet Express System Authentication LDAP Module (IAELDAMXXX)
Tru64 UNIX Rebranding Results in File Changes
Possible Performance Slowdown of Oracle 8.1.7 after Tru64 UNIX Rebranding
Error on Installing Japanese Advanced Printing Software Subsets
Authentication Choice Affects sftp Transfer Rate
Insight Manager Components Dump Core
Autoloader Firmware Upgrade Changes WWID
Smart Array Booting Problem Might Require Service Call
Do Not Use dxarchiver to Verify Bootable Tape
securenets File Requires localhost Entry
SIA sialog Use Limitation Required
4. Getting Help with Version 5.1B-6
Accessing Release Notes from Earlier Version 5.1B Kits
Accessing Release Notes in the Online Technical Updates Document
Tru64 UNIX on the World Wide Web