HP Tru64 UNIX and TruCluster Server Version 5.1B-6

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Typographic Conventions

This document uses the following typographical conventions:


A number sign represents the superuser prompt.


A reference page. The reference page name is audit, and it is located in Section 5.


A command name or qualified command phrase.

Computer output

Text displayed by the computer.

User input

Commands and other text that you type.


The name of a placeholder in a command, function, or other syntax display that you replace with an actual value.

device names

Operating system versions before Version 5.0 use different names than those of Version 5.0 and higher. In general, this manual uses the Version 5.0 names. For example, where a partition name is represented by /dev/disk/dsk3g, the Version 4.0n name might be /dev/rz3g.