dupclone - Clone Tru64 UNIX cluster


dupclone [-r rootpath] [-k kitpath] [-license]


-r rootpath Identifies the root directory of the cloned operating system. -k kitpath Identifies the path to the patch kit being installed. -license Indicates that you accept the license agreement. A printed copy of the license agreement is included in the release notes that came with your patch kit.


The dupclone command installs a Tru64 UNIX patch kit located at kitpath into an alternate root directory defined by rootpath. The specified rootpath must be the root directory of a complete identical copy of the existing Tru64 UNIX operating system, including all members of the cluster. The dupclone command can only be used on clusters. It is not supported for use on standalone systems.


The following example shows a typical cloning operation: # dupclone -r /clone -k /usr/T64/patch_kit -license You have accepted the license agreement. Cluster Name: jungle Member-1: apeman.zoo.com Member-2: safari.zoo.com Checking patch kit for transmission errors during download... Verifying current software on member 1 Verifying current software on member 2 Creating master inventory of current system... Getting list of patch subsets to install... . . .


cloneroot/usr/adm/dupatch/log/session.log This file captures dupclone activities.


Commands: dupatch(8)