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Starting in early 2008, this Tru64 UNIX documentation website will no longer be updated with new and changed information and the search function has been removed. All new and changed information will be made available at

Reference pages provided at this archive site have not been updated for some time. You should always refer to the reference pages provided in your Tru64 UNIX distribution kit.

These white papers and tech tips provide you with conceptual information and processes to a variety of topics, including tuning, performance, and Internet issues. If you can think of a topic that you would like to see featured as a tech tip, please send us mail.  
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White Papers and Tech Tips
Migrating Internationalized Applications from Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX
 New 6 May 2004
Cluster Interconnect Analysis and Comparison White Paper
 New 7 April 2004
Performance Monitoring White Paper
 27 August 2003
Protecting Your System Against File Name Spoofing Attacks
 14 January 2003
Tuning Tru64 UNIX for Internet Servers
 Revised 9 January 2003
Improving Large-Memory System Performance
 25 March 2002
Advanced File System Quick Reference
 08 January 2002

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