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This online supplement provides information about issues and problems that have been discovered since the release of the HP Tru64 UNIX® Version 5.1B operating system.

In general, the information included in the patch kit sections pertains to issues that were observed as a result of installing the specified kits. The other sections provide information about the original release of the Version 5.1B operating system, the Associated Products CDs, processor issues, documentation issues, and other issues related to Version 5.1B

Because the installation of patches affects many of the components of the Tru64 UNIX environment, HP recommends that you look first in the section that deals with the most recent patch kit installed on your system. The dates provided in each section represent the month the item was included in this supplement and are listed from the most current to the oldest.

To see the release notes for the Version 5.1B and higher releases, go to the following Web site:


This site also contains patch kit installation instructions and other information related to current and earlier Tru64 UNIX patch kits.

To see Technical Updates for TruCluster Software Products, go to the following Web site:

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