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Installation Updates


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Cluster Members Must Be Running to Use noroll_versw Command (May 2005)

See “Script Displays Nonexistent Command Name to Remove Cluster Member (May 2005)” for details.

Requirements for Installing System V and WLS from V5.1B-2 APCDs (Sept. 2004)

If you plan to install the Extended System V Functionalityand the Tru64 UNIX Worldwide Language Support packages from the Version 5.1B-2 Associated Products CDs, you must install them in the order described in the following procedure:

  1. Install the Tru64 UNIX Worldwide Language Support package from Associated Products disk Volume 1.

  2. Install the Extended System V Functionality package from Associated Products disk Volume 2.

  3. Copy the following files:

    # cp /usr/i18n/lib/nls/loc/iconvTable/*   /usr/lib/nls/loc/iconvTable

LSM Merge Problem During Update Installation on a Standalone System with Mirrored Root File System (May 2004)

During an update installation, the installupdate command does not merge the LSM entries into /etc/inittab, thereby preventing LSM from automatically starting up on a system reboot until later in the boot process when /sbin/bcheckrc is run.

In most cases, this does not cause a problem and is easily fixed by running the /usr/sbin/volinstall command, which updates the /etc/inittab file with the LSM entries.

However, if the root file system is mirrored (for example via volencap and volrootmir) and LSM does not start until multiuser mode (via bcheckrc), the system may write to only one of the root file system mirrors, causing the other mirrored plex (the one not associated with the boot disk) to contain inconsistent data.

To avoid this, remove the mirrored plex not associated with the boot disk before performing the update installation. After the installation is completed, run /usr/sbin/volinstall to update the /etc/inittab file with the missing LSM entries and run /usr/sbin/volrootmir if you want to mirror the root file system again.

The following steps show how to accomplish this. In the examples, the boot disk is dsk6 and the mirrored disk is dsk5:

  1. Before running the installupdate command, do the following:

    1. Check to see if the boot disk is mirrored, for example rootvol-01 and rootvol-02:

      # /sbin/volprint -g rootdg
    2. If root file system is mirrored, remove the second plexes associated with the boot disk to avoid the system writing to only one of the root plexes during the installation.

      # /sbin/volplex -o rm dis rootvol-02 swapvol-02 vol-dsk6g-02
    3. Remove associated disks from LSM control. This is necessary if the root file system is to be mirrored again to this disk:

      # /sbin/voldg rmdisk root02 swap02 dsk5g-AdvFS dsk5e
      # /sbin/voldisk rm dsk5a dsk5b dsk5g dsk5e
  2. Run the update installation. For example:

    # /sbin/installupdate /dev/disk/cdrom0c
  3. When the installation is completed, do the following:

    1. Add LSM entries into the /etc/inittab file to allow LSM to start automatically on system boot.

      # /usr/sbin/volinstall 
    2. If you want to mirror the root file system, you can do so now:

      # /usr/sbin/volrootmir dsk5 

Increasing PCI Box Support on GS1280 M32 to 16 (Aug. 2003)

The maximum number of standard I/O hoses (IDE buses) allowed for an initial install of Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B from the CD-ROM is eight. Any I/O drawer connected to a hose that has more than eight must be disconnected or powered down during a fresh install from the Tru64 UNIX CD-ROM.

Problem Using scu Commands and the UNIX Shell During Installation (Feb. 2003)

During an installation, scu commands issued through the UNIX shell may cause the X window and the installation script to restart.

To work around this problem, disable paging of output information to the X window when you first start the scu utility:

scu>set paging off

Invalid Tape Subclass Errors Occur When You Update Install from Version 5.1A and Patch Kit 4 (Feb. 2003)

When you update install from a system running Version 5.1A with Patch Kit 4 installed to Version 5.1B, the /sbin/ddr_config utility reports an Invalid Tape Subclass error. As a result of this error, a new /etc/ddr.db is not produced and any customizations to /etc/ddr.dbase will not be in effect.

This problem can be resolved by performing one of the following tasks:

  • Manually edit /etc/ddr.dbase and remove the entry that defines the "Ultrium" tape drive (see ddr.dbase(4) and ddr_config(8))

  • This problem was corrected in the Version 5.1B patch kits, beginning with Patch Kit 1.

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