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Developers' toolkit supplement

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The production version of Developers' Toolkit Supplement (DTKS) Version V5.1B has just been released. Look for new Compaq C compiler features, the latest release of Ladebug Debugger, new enhancements in Spike and Visual Threads, and continued improvements in Program Analysis Tools.

For more information on new features in individual tools, click on the New features for each product below.


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The Developers' Toolkit Supplement contains the following components:

Compaq C (V6.5-303) — Updated versions of Compaq C compiler, providing latest bug fixes. Updated!

Visual Threads (V2.2-023) — An analyzer and debugger for multi-threaded applications; helps detect deadlock, shared data protection problems, thread usage errors, and performance bottlenecks.

Ladebug (V68) — A powerful, fully symbolic, source-level debugger with a graphical user interface that helps locate run-time errors in C/C++, Fortran, Fortran 90, Ada, and Cobol programs.

Graphical Program Analysis Tools (V3.1-5) — Graphical tools for analyzing program efficiency, memory bugs, and the use of shared memory.

Program Analysis Tools (V2.10) — Easy-to-use commands for performance tuning, test coverage analysis, profile directed optimization, and the detection of invalid pointers, uninitialized variables, and leaked or wasted heap space.

Spike (V5.2-511) — Latest version of Spike optimizer. Updated!

Tru64 UNIX Programmer's Guide — A guide to theTru64 programming environment with an emphasis on the C language.