Title and Copyright Information
1    Installation Instructions Visual Threads Version 2.2
1.1    Visual Threads Kit Summary
1.1.1    Required Hardware
1.1.2    Required Software    Required Tru64 UNIX Software    Required Java Software    Required Graphical Program Analysis (GPA) Software
1.2    Information About Tru64 UNIX Versions 4.0D and 4.0E
1.2.2    Making Ladebug Accessible
1.2.3    Atom Software
1.3    Installation Steps
1.4    Verifying the Visual Threads Installation
1.5    Reading the Release Notes
1.6    Registering an OSF-DEV License to Use Visual Threads
1.7    Using Visual Threads After Installation
1.7.1    Running Visual Threads
1.7.2    Using the Online Help
1.7.3    How to Print Help Topics
1.8    Increasing Disk Space for the Visual Threads Installation
1.9    DECthreads Library Warning About Timestamps
1.10    Stopping the Installation
1.11    Deinstalling the Software
1.12    Error Recovery
1.13    Visual Threads E-mail Address and Web Page
1.14    Installing into a RIS Server Area
1.14.1    RIS Disk Space Requirements
1.14.2    Sample RIS Installation
1-1    Visual Threads Subset Name and Size
1-2    Required Tru64 UNIX Subsets