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This kit delivers the latest C compiler technology from Compaq. It is a fully-supported, free upgrade for all users who have an active Developers' Toolkit license, and it can be installed on all supported Tru64 UNIX platforms.

Compaq C V6.5-207 contains the next-generation optimizer for improved application performance, particularly on Alpha ev67 and ev7 hardware platforms. It provides enhanced gcc and C99 language compatibility. It also delivers a vastly improved compiler diagnostic facility.

Documentation consists of reference pages and release notes (included in the compiler kit) and the Tru64 UNIX Programmer's Guide (in a separate kit).

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 Compaq C Compiler description

The Compaq C Compiler, formerly DEC C, is a standards-compliant, multidialect and feature rich implementation of the C language. It contains a highly optimizing code generator specifically designed to exploit the 64-bit Alpha architecture. It is particularly well-suited and contains extended support for systems programming, parallel programming, and mathematical computing.

 Online documentation

»  Download and install Compaq C Compiler
»  Compaq C V6.5-207 Release Notes
»  Tru64 UNIX Programmer's Guide
»  Compaq C Language Reference Manual

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