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Graphical program analysis tools overview

The Graphical Program Analysis Tools make it easy to analyze the run-time behavior of a program for efficiency, memory bugs, and use of shared resources. The tools include:

  • Process Viewer: Graphically displays performance information about processes and child processes running on specified (local or remote) Tru64 UNIX systems.
  • Memory Profiler: Graphically displays how your application uses memory over the course of its execution, for example, showing how much is allocated for various purposes and how frequently your application is allocating and deallocating memory. This tool helps you understand if an application uses memory inefficiently, for example, fragmented memory allocations.
  • Performance Profiler: Gathers and analyzes, in graphical form, run-time statistics on your application, such as CPU usage by function or line and test coverage.
  • Heap Analyzer: Finds and displays in graphical form memory errors and memory leaks in your application.
  • Man Page Browser: Used for searching, navigating, and printing manpages in a graphical, scrollable hypertext window.

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Documentation consists of a download kit and online documentation.

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