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 Download and installation instructions

To download and install the kit:

  1. Log in as root or change to the root account on the system where the component is to be installed.

  2. Back up your system disk before installing any software (refer to your system documentation).

  3. Create a scratch directory to receive the downloaded kit tar file, and change to that directory. You can download all component tar files to, and install from, the same directory.

  4. Download a kit tar file to your scratch directory:
    • For Tru64 UNIX V4 systems: LDB468_V4.tar.gz
    • For Tru64 UNIX V5 systems: LDB468_V5.tar.gz
  5. Uncompress and unpack the downloaded tar file:
       # gunzip -dc LDB468_V4.tar.gz | tar xvf - 
       # gunzip -dc LDB468_V5.tar.gz | tar xvf - 

    Depending on the file you unpack, this creates a directory named Ladebug_V4 or Ladebug_V5 in your scratch directory. This directory has a kit subdirectory which contains the subsets to install, and a doc subdirectory which contains the release notes in plain text and HTML formats and the user's manual in HTML format.

  6. Read the release notes prior to installing the kit.

  7. Install the new kit from the kit subdirectory:
       # /usr/sbin/setld -l Ladebug_V4/kit
       # /usr/sbin/setld -l Ladebug_V5/kit
    If you have a previously installed version of the Developers' Toolkit Supplement, the installation process will ask you to deinstall the Ladebug subsets. In that case you can check for the presence of any currently installed subsets and delete them as follows:
       # /usr/sbin/setld -i | grep LDB | grep installed
       # /usr/sbin/setld -d currently-installed-subset
  8. When finished installing, you can delete the scratch directory.